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what is the difference between luon and luxtreme

What is the Difference Between Luon and Luxtreme

Luno and Luxtreme are the two most popular types of fabric used in Lululemon pants. Since Lululemon yoga Pants are not affordable for the average person, you may want to know what is the difference between luon and luxtreme. See the table below:

Luxtreme Fabric:the difference between Luno and Luxtreme

Luon Luxtreme difference
  • High elasticity;
  • high permeability, soft, comfortable;
  • cottony-soft
  • Fast-drying, cool, high support, high adhesion, like a second skin;
  • smooth and cool-to-the-touch;
Luxtreme®—-Probably lulu’s fastest drying fabric, compared to Luon ®,

It is a more technical and thinner fabric, has the most compression, used for higher intensity workouts.

Use it as a legging to visually lengthen legs and lift hips.

Luon – thicker, more cotton-like fabric.


which lululemon leggings have the most compression: luxtreme

  • Made of high-tech polyester fiber, good water absorption;
  • The high content of Lycra makes the fabric neither firm nor easy to loosen;


  • It’s a high stretch fabric with excellent moisture absorption,
  • Low-resistance, smooth, high-tech fabrics are breathable and cool to the touch, providing the same support when sweating;
Best for
  • Luon is commonly used in low-intensity exercise. Vests, tops, pants, and coats are commonly used in Luon, among which the Wunder Under series is the most widely known.


  • Suitable for high-intensity exercise with large sweating volume.

In addition, The details are improved according to the different needs of users, ranging from thinnest to thickest, Luon comes in four different versions – Seriously Light Luon, Light Luon, Luon, and Full-On Luon, and it is probably what you see most college girls and women wearing, It is practical and relaxed.

Similar to Luon, Luxtreme comes in three different versions: Light Luxtreme

Full-On Luxtreme, regular. They are three different thickness levels.


luxtreme vs full on luxtreme


Light Luxtreme: Cool body feeling, suitable for a lot of sweating occasions. The fabric is probably already on the verge of obsolescence, with only a handful of products still available using it.


Full-On Luxtreme is constructed with a double thread knit structure with minimal detachment and no curling.


How to choose Luxtreme:


Based on the overall temperature of your workout.

For example: If you plan to be doing hot yoga or yoga in the summer months, you will want the Light Luxtreme. If you do a lot of lacrosse, soccer or field hockey training during the fall and winter months, you will want the Light Luxtreme. For everything in between, try the regular.


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