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The History of Lululemon

The History of Lululemon

Lululemon is almost universally known among yoga enthusiasts. Do you know who started lululemon, how lululemon got its name, and when did it start, lets move on to see the history of Lululemon.

The history of Lululemon

Who started lululemon


In 1998, Chip Wilson founded Lululemon, a sportswear brand in Vancouver, Canada. Chip Wilson reportedly came up with the idea during a yoga session when he noticed that all the clothes on the market made him sick and he felt the field was in desperate need of professional clothing.


How Lululemon get its name


Lululemon, a strange name, is neither concise nor meaningful. In an interview with a Canadian magazine, Chip Wilson said he came up with the unique name because he thought it would be unlikely for Japanese companies to create brands that start with the letter “L” because Japanese people can’t pronounce it. If there’s an “L” in the brand, Japanese consumers know it’s a true North American brand. As a result, Lululemon has three L’s.


Lululemon when did it start

THE history of lululemon

Lululemon’s first store, next to a yoga studio in Vancouver, Canada, is a veritable little shop.

From 1998 to 2016. In 18 years, Lululemon has built a yoga-wear empire. Its annual sales exceeded $2 billion, with a market cap of nearly $10 billion at its peak.

Initially, Lululemon built its brand by working with instructors and sponsoring community yoga classes, creating a unique community culture, and building a huge following in a short period of time.

At Bryan Park in Manhattan, open yoga classes sponsored by Lululemon are held twice a week. About 400 women attend each session, most of them wearing Lululemon yoga apparel. Die-hard fans have set up Lululemon blogs and Facebook groups. Lululemon has successfully transformed yoga from a slimming exercise into a group activity that appeals to many people.

THE history of lululemon

Today, Lululemon is known as “Canada’s Premier professional sportswear brand.” It has nearly 360 stores worldwide, and in North America, lululemon is the first choice for people to wear sports clothes such as yoga and fitness. Lululemon stood out from the rest of the sportswear brands and became synonymous with yoga wear and fashion. Everyone from celebs to housewives is proud to own one of Lululemon’s products.


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