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What is Supima Cotton Fabric

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What is Supima cotton fabric?  What is Pima cotton? How does Pima cotton transform into Supima cotton?

According to the different production areas, cotton is mainly divided into fine wool cotton and long wool cotton. Compared with fine wool cotton, the fiber of long wool cotton is longer and stronger, of which Pima cotton from American is the best.

The meaning of Supima cotton fabric 

Pima cotton is grown in the Southwest and west of the United States, which is one of the most productive agricultural producing areas in the United States. With extensive irrigation systems, a favorable climate, and long hours of sunshine, which is very beneficial to the growth of Pima cotton.

Compared to other cotton, Pima cotton has a higher degree of ripeness, longer lint, and excellent feeling. Only 3% of global cotton production can be called Pima cotton, known in the industry as the “luxury of fabrics”.

What is Supima Cotton fabric :a photo of Supima cotton

How does Pima cotton transform into Supima?

Supima is recognized as the top Pima cotton, and this licensing program imposes strict conditions that only a selection of superior quality cotton fleece is approved to carry the brand logo. The Supima brand stands for: its products are 100% American Pima cotton.


Upland cotton- cotton in general use

Also known as. Suitable for growing in the vast subtropical and temperate regions, it is the most widely distributed cotton in the world. Fine wool cotton accounts for about 85 percent of the world’s total cotton output and about 98 percent of China’s total cotton output. It is a widely used raw material for textiles.


The difference between Pima and Supima

The fundamental difference between Supima cotton and Pima cotton lies in fiber length and strength. In the United States, cotton that is 13/8 inches or longer is generally considered Supima cotton or super long fiber cotton, which, of course, is also tested for strength and consistency higher than Pima cotton. 100% American Supima cotton products offer superior strength, which increases more durability of textiles and their average life span. Suitable for high-grade clothing


Pima cotton vs cotton

Pima is thin and long. In the process of cultivation, it needs large heat and a long growing period. Under the same heat condition, the growing period of Pima cotton is 10-15 days longer than that of upland cotton. The fundamental difference between this kind of cotton and upland cotton is the length and strength of the fiber, which can improve the durability of the textile and increase its average life span.


The advantages of Supima cotton

First of all, its overall length is relatively long and thin, which is conducive to the overall softness and luster of the fabric when weaving.

Second, the strength and toughness are also stronger than ordinary cotton, so that the fabric has better elasticity, which leads to more durable fabric, and the comfort is also better.

Third, Supima cotton fibers are more reactive than ordinary cotton fibers, so they are easier to color and have a stronger colorfastness. This means that Supima cotton products retain their vibrant colors even if you use them for years.

What is Supima Cotton fabric ;the advantages of Supima cotton

The disadvantages of Supima cotton

Above, we mainly introduced some advantages of this kind of fabric. Secondly, from the disadvantages of Supima cotton. In fact, it is not only from the aspect of the fabric, but also from the perspective of origin place, and output, the price is relatively expensive, and it is even more expensive to weave it into the high-end home textile fabric.

What is Supima Cotton fabric: high-end home textile fabric application of Supima fabric


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