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How do guys wear to the gym

What do Guys Wear to the Gym

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The gym is also a modest social occasion, and wearing appropriate clothes is always a plus.Especially below this big environment, fitness room is mostly young man again where full of all sorts of accost and tease, it is certain that boys want to make himself more popular.

However, only beautiful muscle is not quite enough, if one want to attract the look of more person and favour, a bit grade is needed. Let’s have a look on what do guys wear to the gym

The first type is loose and comfortable.

Wear a cotton T-shirt with shorts and a pair of running shoes or training shoes. Make sure the shoes are beautiful and show off your taste best. The gym is air-conditioned and you don’t really sweat much, so this outfit is the perfect way to neither stand out nor be boring.


The second type is figure appeared.

Guys with a better figure are more willing to wear some tight clothes to show their figure to practice. However, if you don’t have obvious muscles and contours, don’t try superman or Batman tights, it is better to dress appropriately.

The third type is brand contest.

When you see a man covered in brand-name sports gear, which is very rare, the fact  is that he’s either overly superstitious about the functionality of branded products, or he’s demonstrating his financial prowess. The choice of brand should also pay attention to, the best is a few common big-name goods, preferably the usual brand names like Nike, Under Armour.

The fourth is maverick. 

For the character who wears slippers to practice squats, and is the kind of woven slippers with exotic flavor, this is a bit too maverick. Of course, there are examples of skilled people training in slippers, and there are many.But still not recommend, If I accidentally fall down, plus carry that more than 50 kg, it’s too dangerous. No matter how maverick, safety first.

If you want to make a difference, there are many ways except do something dangerous or special. For example, you can do something with your clothes and shoes. For example, you can wear custom-made shoes and mens fitness apparel with your own logo.

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