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    post-run recovery

    Post-Run Recovery

    Exercise every day can help you keep a good figure, improve body immunity, and long-distance running is a very good exercise, running every day is good for the intestines and stomach and make you energy, etc., however, there are some things that can not be done immediately after long-distance running, please check the following post-run recovery:

    Post-Run Recovery: what shouldn’t do:


    • Do not sit down on the ground immediately

    It’s a common practice to crouch or sit down when you feel tired after a run, thinking you can save effort and rest. In fact, this is the wrong approach, if squatting and resting immediately after exercise, the original flow of blood into the muscles can not flow back to the heart through muscle contraction, resulting in reduced blood pressure, and easily appearing temporary ischemia of the brain, causing palpitation, shortness of breath, dizziness, pale face and even shock and other symptoms, which may be dangerous.

    •  Do not take a bath immediately

    After strenuous exercise, blood vessels on the skin surface dilate, sweat pores open because the human body in order to maintain a constant temperature. Thus, sweat increase in order to facilitate heat dissipation, if taking a cold bath at this time, due to sudden stimulation of blood vessels immediately contraction, increased blood circulation resistance, increased heart burden, and reduced body resistance, people are prone to illness.

    However, taking a hot bath will increase the blood flow of the body surface, causing the insufficient blood supply to the heart and brain, having a risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents.

    • Do not quench your thirst with cold drinks

    Sweating after exercise, with dry mouth, especially young people, most of them love to buy some cold drinks to quench their thirst. But at this time the human digestive system is still in a state of inhibition, meaning digestive function decline.

    If you want to be cool for a while and quench your thirst and drink too many cold drinks, it is very easy to cause gastrointestinal cramps, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and gastrointestinal diseases.

    Therefore, appropriate to add a small amount of water or light salt water is the best choice.

    • Do not eat too much

    After exercise, sugar, fat, and protein in the body are decomposed in large quantities. In the decomposition process, lactic acid, phosphoric acid, and other acidic substances are produced. These acids irritate the body’s tissues and organs, causing muscles and joints to swell and mental fatigue. At this time, if eating meat, eggs, and fish which are rich in acidic substances, it will make body fluids more acidic, which is not conducive to fatigue relief.

    But edible vegetables, sweet potato, citrus, apples, and other fruits, can eliminate the excess acid in the body because of their alkali, eliminate the fatigue brought by sports as soon as possible, increase the solubility of uric acid, reducing the acid in the bladder stone formation.

    • Do not drink alcohol and smoke to relieve fatigue

    The body function will be in a high level of state after strenuous exercise, drinking at this time will make the body faster to absorb alcohol, bring more harm than usual to the liver, stomach, and other organs may cause fatty liver, liver cirrhosis, gastritis, gastric ulcer and other diseases in long term period.

    Smoking after running, inhaling the air inside the lungs mixed with a lot of smoke, on the one hand, it is difficult to eliminate body fatigue by reducing oxygen content; On the other hand, when the human body inhales such foggy air, the air exchange in the human alveoli will be affected, resulting in chest tightness, asthma, dyspnea, dizziness and fatigue due to insufficient oxygen supply after exercise.

    Post-Run Recovery: what should do:


    Now here are going to talk about things that can not be done immediately after long-distance running:

    • Change wet clothes in time

    When the weather turns cool, always bring dry clothes to change from your run.

    Because at this time the blood circulation is accelerated, sweat pores open, if your wet mens fitness apparel or women’s leggings clothes are not changed, it is easy to cause moisture and cold into the body, leading to colds, fever, headaches and other symptoms, especially a blow of wind will add the possibility of getting the illness.

    • Squeeze in some stretching

    Stopping abruptly after intense motion will affect the complement of oxygen and venous blood circumfluence, making blood pressure reduce, causing adverse reactions.

    Therefore, remember to take a few minutes after your workout to stretch your tired muscles. Stretching that meets your body’s needs can increase your flexibility and relieve delayed muscle soreness the next following day.

    • Drink appropriate water

    Strenuous exercise results in a large amount of water loss through sweat. Dehydration can affect exercise performance. Even if you lose 1% of your body weight, your body temperature will become higher and you will be more prone to fatigue.

    Losing up to 3 percent of body weight in water can significantly affect athletic performance. Even if they have replenished water during exercise, it is usually less than the amount lost.

    Therefore, after exercise, most athletes are in a state of varying degrees of water deficiency and need to replenish water to get ready for the following competition.

    • Eat reasonably

    When tired, we should pay attention to replenishing energy and vitamins, especially sugar, vitamin C, and B1. We should choose to eat food nutritious and easy to digest, and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

    • Get enough sleep

    Sleep is the best way to recover, but how to sleep. 2 hours after exercise in the evening so that the body can gradually recover from the excited state. If it is morning running or exercise, sleeping during noon is also a good choice, which helps people quickly recover energy in the afternoon, but better control within an hour.


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