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How to Get Fish Oil Smell Out of Clothes: 5 Methods to Help You


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How to get fish oil smell out of clothes? Fish oil is usually made of gelatinous pellets. There is no smell if you smell it alone. If you smell the bottle or puncture it, it will have a fishy smell. Because general fish oil is extracted from the body of salmon, it must have a fishy smell. If you accidentally get fish oil on your clothes, you will be in trouble.

There are 5 methods to help you remove the fish oil smell out of clothes, including normal apparel and custom fitness clothing.

How to Get Fish Oil Smell Out of Clothes:Water Vapor After Bath

After the shower, hang the smelly clothes in the bathroom and close the door. You can take them out the next morning, and the clothes will be completely smellless.

Tip: Water vapor can not only remove the peculiar smell on clothes, but also make wrinkled clothes smooth.

How to Get Fish Oil Smell Out of Clothes:Hair Drier

When using a hairdryer to blow clothes with fish oil smell, use hot air and keep swinging the hair dryer. Do not let the hairdryer blow in one place for a long time, which will easily damage the clothes. It takes only 5 to 10 minutes to blow with a hairdryer. If the smell of fish oil is strong, you can blow it for a while.

How to Get Fish Oil Smell Out of Clothes:Fabric Softener

If it is necessary to remove fish oil smell on clothes, it is recommended to add a special softener for clothing care when cleaning clothes. Softener can make clothes soft, fluffy, fragrant, smooth, easy to iron, not easy to deform, fresh and fragrant. The cleaning method is as follows:

  1. According to the normal dosage, pour the washing liquid into the water for washing and dilution, and then put it into the washing liquid to soak for 20 minutes, and then rinse it;

2. At the last rinse, add softener and soak for 3 minutes. After soaking, the clothes can be dried directly without passing water.


  • It is used for the last rinse, and no water is needed after use;
  • When the washing machine has a special injection port, pour an appropriate amount of this product into the “softener injection port”
  • When hand washing or washing machine does not have a special injection port, dilute the product with water and stir it evenly, then put it into the washing clothes to soak for 3 minutes, and finally take it out to dry.

How to Get Fish Oil Smell Out of Clothes:Plain Vinegar

Add appropriate amount of plain vinegar in the washing basin, and add Libai natural soap powder. After soaking for 10 minutes and then following the routine washing procedures, the unpleasant smell of fish oil can be removed and the comfortable fragrance can be left.

How to Get Fish Oil Smell Out of Clothes:Lemon Juice

Fill the water in a small spray pot, squeeze a drop or two of lemon juice into the water, shake it and spray it on the surface of the clothes. Then hang the clothes in a ventilated place and let them dry naturally. The smell of fish oil in the clothes will soon disappear.


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