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How to Get Fish Oil Out of Clothes: 8 Magic Solutions

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How to get fish oil out of clothes? There are different washing methods for oil stains in different locations of the clothes. This article gives an introduction to 8 methods of washing the fish oil on clothes.

The proper way to eat fish oil is to bite it in the mouth, suck the vegetable oil inside, and then spit out the dead skin. However, many people will puncture the fish oil for convenience or put the fish oil into the water to eat. During the whole process, it will splash on the clothes because it is too round. After leaving the mark of fish oil on the clothes, you can take the following tips to clean it up, so that it is not easy to leave the mark, and it can be handled easily.

How to remove fish oil stains on clothes and pants?

There are different washing methods for fish oil stains in different locations. The neckline should be soaked and cleaned with warm water, and cotton socks should be soaked and washed with the bed linen solution.

Neckline/Sleeve: Put the clothes in warm water with soap powder and soak for 15-20 minutes, then carry out all normal washing.

White socks that have turned yellow: Soak in an aqueous solution of soap powder for 30 minutes, and then perform normal cleaning.

Milk scale: Use soap powder to carry out dirt preparation and carry out all normal cleaning. If the milk scale is difficult to remove, you may need to apply a bleach that is not harmful to clothes. General oil stains: use super strong detergent to solve in advance, carry out all normal cleaning; if allowed, you can also use bleach bleach for difficult dirt removal.

How to Get Fish Oil Out of Clothes: Caustic Soda

Caustic soda is a kind of chemical raw material, and its decontamination ability ranks the first. Long-term stained clothes and pants can be bleached casually with caustic soda. But be sure to prompt for safety during the entire application process. You can melt it with boiling water while wearing gloves, and then soak the clothes and pants up and down for 30 minutes.

It can be seen that the water turns pale yellow, the skin of the clothes and pants turns white, and the oil stains are easily removed. In addition to chemical raw materials such as caustic soda, the oil stains on clothes can also be cleaned with thinner water and gasoline for cars, etc., soak them in 3% salt water for more than ten minutes, and then rinse them with cold water.

How to Get Fish Oil Out of Clothes: Whitening Toothpaste

After the clothes are stained with oil, squeeze a little whitening toothpaste on the stains, rub it gently several times, and then wash it by hand with purified water to remove the stains.

How to Get Fish Oil Out of Clothes: Wheat Flour

Use a spoon to remove three spoons of wheat flour and put it in a small bowl, add water and stir to make a batter, and then rub the batter on the front and back of the oil stains on the clothes. Expose it to the sun until the batter is dry and rub off the wheat flour with your hands. Your clothes and pants are as white as new.

How to Get Fish Oil Out of Clothes: Ethanol

Rub ethanol or edible salt solution on the oil stains, you can also get rid of the oil stains. Apply a batter made of ethanol and pencil end to the oily spots on the leather jacket. After the batter is dry, carefully wipe it off.

How to Get Fish Oil Out of Clothes: Brine(Salt Water)

Brine(salt water) is also a good detergent for oil stains on clothes. Before washing the bed sheet, put appropriate salt in the water, mix it until it melts, put it into the clothes and trousers to soak for 40 minutes, then everything can be washed normally. Oil stains are very easy to remove.

How to Get Fish Oil Out of Clothes: Light Calcium Powder

There are oil stains on silk clothes. You can adjust the light calcium powder to a viscous place and apply it to the oil stains. After staying for a period of time, tear off the light calcium powder, and then pad the silk with thin paper and iron it with a warm iron.

How to Get Fish Oil Out of Clothes: Detergent

The oil drips on the clothes accidentally. Before washing the bed sheet, keep the clothes and trousers dry. Then apply detergent to the oil leakage area and rub it several times. Then, it is not easy to have oil marks.

How to Get Fish Oil Out of Clothes:

Firstly, wet the area on the dirt on the clothes and trousers, then sprinkle with a layer of white sugar and rub it vigorously. At this time, we can see that the oil stains on the clothes are already in the white granulated sugar. Clean them with cold water, then the oil stains will disappear.


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