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    Compression Pants vs Tights: how to choose

    A lot of friends can not make a good distinction between what we said today respectively compression clothes and tights those things! Today, we will talk something about compression pants vs tights: how to choose.

    Many people have a persistent love to pure cotton clothing, and some firmly believe that cotton underwear is the best choice when doing sports, but fewer people choose to wear cotton clothing as a base layer because pure cotton clothes are bad at sweating, thus, isn’t being able to discharge sweat after sweating. When the temperature is low, there will be a feeling of dampness and cold, causing the body to lose temperature.

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    Most sports brands choose profiled hydrophobic fiber, the highest market share of this material is polyester. Profiled fiber, which can ensure good sweat. And compression clothing is even more effective at wicking sweat.

    Compression pants are first applied in patients with chronic venous insufficiency. By generating gradient pressure from bottom to top and from the distal end to the proximal end, it can improve venous circulation, promote venous blood return, and reduce Lower Limb swelling so as to prevent thrombosis.

    Compression Pants vs Tights:

    The most obvious function of compression pants is the function of compression, support, and recovery.

    The working principle of compression pants is to accelerate blood circulation, improve muscle vitality and reduce lactic acid accumulation through gradient compression, which can wrap and support key motor muscles and reduce muscle vibration.

    1. Compression: the feeling of compression reflected in the body is a sense of tightness, which can improve the key muscle strength, relieve lactic acid accumulation, and make the exercise more lasting. Fixed muscle swing amplitude, avoid ineffective vibration caused by the burden while protecting the knee from cramping.
    2. Support: compression pants on sale in some gym clothing manufacture suppliers, for example, can make the overall support of our body stronger through special material by stitching and weaving methods, especially when you are tired, this kind of support feeling is stronger, there is a feeling of having an exoskeleton.
    3. Recovery: Compression pants can help muscles recover quickly after long-term running. You can even wear them to sleep.

    Compression pants vs tights:how to choose


    Tights are more akin to sweaty, close-fitting long Johns worn during sports, which provide some protection and support for muscles, but not much than compression pants.

    1. Sweat conduction: The sweat conduction and air permeability of tights are excellent, which can discharge the sweat quickly in summer and avoid the discomfort caused by the accumulation of sweat on the body surface.

    In winter, the sweat will be dried on the surface of the clothes, and the clothes also play the role of an insulating layer, so as to prevent the sweat from being dried by the cold wind away from the body surface temperature. It can be warm in winter and cool in summer.

    2. Close-fitting: As far as close-fitting is concerned, tights are good enough. They are also close to the skin and wrap the muscles of the whole body, which brings a sense of burden free from loose sportswear or running naked.

    Nike Pro Cool uses stretch Dri-Fit fabric and mesh stitching design to create a solid, locked, and comfortable FIT experience during training and competition. The Dri-Fit fabric helps you stay dry and comfortable, and the ergonomic joint design makes it natural and comfortable to wear. The mesh fabric splicing creates precise breathable performance as well as a smooth and skin-friendly flat seam structure.

    stretch Dri-Fit fabric tights.


    Generally speaking, compression pants are an upgraded version of tight pants. If you are a professional or injured distance runner who needs to compete, then it is recommended that you choose compression pants to protect yourself. If you are an entry-level runner with a small amount of running and only need sweat and breathable pants, it is more recommended to choose tights.

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