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Thermal Underwear For Winter

Chianfitness Apparel, your reliable thermal thong underwear manufacturer as well as retail thermal wholesaler, providing you favour price and good quality thermal underwear.

Buying thermal underwear for winter? With Chinese factory prices and good quality, you can not miss it!

thermal underwear for winter

Maishi Group Limited, which was established in 1997. We are professional Fitness wear and thermal underwear manufacturer and have got more than 20  years of experience in designing and producing these products.

Now, we have more than 700 skilled workers with an annual capacity of 9.6 million pieces, we are providing OEM and ODM. We have excellent service and quality as well as competitive prices .

2 Simple & Easy Solutions for invest in thermal underwear for winter

Option # 1: Tailor brand-new designs
Send your creative design suggestions, and also we will certainly discover a Money-saving, Stress-free, yet Premium personalized manufacturing remedy.

Option # 2: Your logo, our stock styles
As a thermal manufacturer, we will certainly assist you to publish your logo design, or custom carelabel, hangtag designs on our greater than 10,000 pieces of existing supplies. Little order appropriate, MOQ=1piece.

Please request us catalog to check,

Our own factory is located in Zhejiang Province, it is not far from Hangzhou and Shanghai, convenient transportation.

We got rich experience of OEM& ODM. Welcome to buy from us.

How to buy wearable thermal underwear?

1) Look at the fabric composition

Fabric has the greatest influence on the performance and skin feeling of underwear, and different fibers have different advantages. At present, the thermal underwear fabric on the market can be roughly divided into two kinds: natural fiber (cotton, wool, etc.), chemical fiber (polyester, acrylic, etc.).

Natural fiber
Natural fiber is divided into animal fiber and plant fiber. Animal fibers are common, such as cashmere, wool, silk and so on. Natural animal fibers have many advantages, not only good skin affinity, heat conduction and moisture absorption are very good. The only downside is that it’s expensive. A pair of pure cashmere thermal underwear can cost hundreds of dollars.

Pure cotton, the representative of natural plant fiber, is used to make thermal underwear, no matter the thermal conductivity or moisture absorption performance, are general, easy to deform after washing several times, wear looks bulky, heavy, loose, not recommended.

Artificial synthetic fibre
Nowadays, in order to keep warm and thin, most of the long Johns began to be blended with artificial synthetic fibers.
Common chemical fibers on the market:
Polyester fiber: also known as “polyester”, is the most common chemical fiber, good elasticity, anti wrinkle performance;
Viscose fiber: referred to as viscose fiber, is a general term for a class of fibers, rayon cotton, rayon are viscose fiber, moisture absorption is very good, warmth is also good;
Nylon: poor wear resistance
Nitrile (jīng) nylon: good heat preservation, better than wool;
Spandex: The familiar “Lycra” is a kind of spandex, with invincible elasticity.
Do not see “synthetic”, “chemical fiber” these words are dissuaded. In fact, for most people, there is no need to pursue “all natural”, synthetic fiber is better!

Why say that?

Because different fiber components can play their own roles, can play with each other, and can complement each other.
For example: acrylic is very warm but does not absorb sweat, viscose is breathable but not warm enough, then mix them and textile, can complement the shortcomings.
That’s why most of the thermal underwear on the market is a blend of ingredients, a bit of this and a bit of that.
In general, the more fibers in the blend, the more difficult it is to prove the garment.2) Look at elasticity

Thermal underwear with little or no elasticity is not comfortable anywhere. You can’t buy the real thing online. I recommend the simplest way to judge the elasticity by looking at the content of spandex. Generally speaking, the higher the content of spandex, the better the elasticity.

3) Choose a size

Select the normal number of yards.

Do not choose tight style or small size in order to look good, strong bondage does not mean warmer, on the contrary, too tight thermal underwear will affect the blood circulation, but will not warm.

4) Look at your budget

Tuhao with a sufficient budget, it is recommended to directly buy pure cashmere, wool, silk thermal underwear, warm and breathable;
For those with a general budget, it is recommended to choose thermal underwear made of polyester, acrylic, viscose and spandex, which is not only warm and breathable, but also skinny-looking, without affecting your other clothes.
For those who have a limited budget and are afraid of cold, it is recommended to start with thermal underwear with high acrylic content;
For those with a limited budget and a tendency to sweat, it is recommended to arrange a thermal underwear with a high adhesive fiber content.


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