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Thermal Underwear Sets

As one of the thermal underwear sets suppliers in China, we provide various kinds of underwear for winter wear.

There are two offers:

Option # 1: Tailor brand-new designs

Send your creative design suggestions, and also we will certainly discover a Money-saving, Stress-free, yet Premium personalized manufacturing remedy.

Option # 2: Your logo, our stock styles

We will certainly assist you to publish your logo design, custom care label, and hangtag designs on our greater than 10,000 pieces of existing supplies. Little order appropriate, MOQ=1piece.

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What is autumn clothing:

Autumn fabrics are generally cotton, human cotton, chemical fiber, pull frame and so on. Thermal underwear generally comes in pure cotton, fiber fabric, space cotton, silk cotton and other fabrics, some will also add velvet in the inner layer. Autumn clothes are relatively thin and not as warm as thermal underwear.

What is thermal underwear:

Thermal underwear should be thicker and more suitable for late fall and winter. Thermal underwear is a kind of warm clothes to wear inside, suitable for late autumn and cold winter wear, and don’t look bloated, light and neat. Autumn clothing is a comfortable, close-fitting, long-sleeved jacket worn in autumn and worn under a coat or sweater to keep warm when the temperature is cold. There is only one layer of autumn clothes, suitable for wearing in autumn, general warmth, general closeness; Thermal underwear is thick, almost double or even three layers, more suitable for winter, better fit.

What’s the difference between thermal underwear and autumn clothes?

1, Fabrics
Qiuyi is more comfortable and close-fitting long sleeve jacket, wear in the most inside of the bottom clothes when the autumn weather turns cool generally, belong to underwear category, fabric is generally cotton, cotton, chemical fiber, pull frame. Thermal underwear is a kind of warm clothing, usually worn on the bottom of the clothes, not bloated, light and neat. The fabric will be more than autumn clothes, generally pure cotton, fiber fabric, space cotton, silk cotton and other fabrics, some will also add wool in the inner layer.

2, Thickness
Autumn clothes are generally single layer, relatively thin, general warmth, general closeness. Thermal underwear will add a layer of suede or sandwich in the inner layer, compared with autumn clothes to be thicker, almost double or three layers, more suitable for winter, better fit.

3, Warm
Autumn clothing is suitable for the fall season, but also play a warm effect, because of the thin, the fabric is not as warm as the underwear. Thermal underwear is a good foundation for late fall and winter wear. It is thick and soft, and holds warmth better than autumn clothing.

4, Comfortable
Long Johns are generally pure cotton products, speaking of pure cotton, cotton, nature products. The cotton material is soft and close to the skin, no irritation, breathable, moisture absorption and so on. And most of thermal underwear fabrics on the market are supplemented cotton fiber, the use of fiber can avoid the shortcomings of the cotton, the index of clothing items of “a” is better, but the wheel of the shortcomings and some: first is the poor hygroscopicity of polyester fiber, water imbibition is not strong, the melt resistance is poor, easy to absorb dust, is due to the quality of a material; And then the air permeability is poor, not easy to breathe.

What is the advantage if you buy from us?

1.Low price:

In the search for the supply of goods, manufacturers of goods and sometimes referred to as primary sources, the so-called buy goods directly from manufacturers, rather than through foreign trade companies to buy, so you can avoid, foreign trade companies making profits from the manufacturer of the goods, of course, is the benefit of the more directly, such as the first benefit is cheap, because the products make, Use the factory price to sell directly, the price will be much cheaper than the retail price on the market.

2. Quick-turnaround and good quality

In addition to having many advantages in terms of price, manufacturers have other advantages in terms of supply.
Buy goods from the manufacturer, which means that in the process of buying goods, if you have some questions about the goods, you can immediately contact the manufacturer, and then the manufacturer can immediately adjust or reproduce according to the situation of this batch of goods, so as to avoid getting unqualified products.


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