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Womens T Shirts on Sale

Custom Womens T Shirts on Sale supplier with private logo print available, and 200+ Existing Designs in Stock,


Find Your Own Reliable Womens T Shirts on Sale

Womens T Shirts on Sale

Product name: Wholesale T-Shirts for Women

Suitable group: Women, girls.

Fabric:  Nylon,  Spandex, cotton, polyester;

Alternative colors: Black, and other 3 colors are in stock,  or you can choose your optional Pantone colors:;

The thickness of fabric: 220~280 GSM.

Manufacturing technique: Cut and sew.

Features: Moisture-wicking, breathable, stretchy.

Size: S, M, L, XL, 4 sizes are in stock. Customized plus size or XS, XXS available

Regular size chart below for your reference;

size chart of Womens T Shirts on Sale


Whether it is for hanging or lounging functions out with your friends or partners, you can never fail in this fantastic Womens T Shirts on Sale.

This T-shirt can be found in losing fitting types with short sleeves and a big round neck. The light purple assortment color helps you to group this with lots of bottom-wear options, and design your own custom fitness clothing completely according to your choice.

What should you look for with a women’s T-shirt

1, upper and lower color

Generally on shallow next deep color sow pattern, can produce on the vision stable with sedate feeling, and on deep next shallow colour collocation means can give a person opposite with active at the relaxed feeling. At the same time, you can choose clothes with different fabrics and textures.

2, inside and outside clothing

Girls need to wear underwear as well as t-shirts. Inside and outside clothing color matching should have primary and secondary points, can be used to set off each other, to achieve a clear effect. If the coat is shallow, the underwear is deep; if the coat is deep, the underwear is shallow. Too close to the color will feel primary and secondary, lack of vitality.

3, Body shape

If the figure is not particularly good, should avoid the choice of a loose intangible single product. Good figure or thin beauty of course not difficult to do, casually can show their advantages. But if you still lack a bit of heat, that still darling chooses the T-shirt sheet that has the confidence to taste, even collocation also should avoid loose break down invisible.

4, design,

When collocation, should pay attention to the design on the T-shirt, too spent appears very soil, wear pure color every day will feel boring, to the scale of the pinch is very test. Simple letter prints or soft small flowers, and such low-key color will be a good choice, not vulgar, not bored.


Wear a T-shirt to avoid tension on the body, to create a feeling of emptiness, in order to hide the arm not confident. If necessary, you can take small measures to win your confidence. For example, tassels are placed on the sleeves and the short sleeves are slightly lengthened so that attention is diverted.


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