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Plus Size Boy Shorts Wholesale

Plus size boy shorts wholesale available.

Categories: Plus Size Boy Shorts Wholesale
Manufacturer: ChinafitnessApparel
Design: OEM / ODM
Material:Nylon & Spandex Blended
Color: Can be customized as Pantone No:;
Size:Provide all sizes or Customized size
Printing: Heat transfer, silicon press, etc.
Technics: Flatlock Seam
Label&Tag: Natural, if you need custom, please get in touch with us firstly
Packing: Natural package
Payment terms: T/T, Paypal, Western Union.
Delivery time: Within 5-7 days after receiving T/T
Shipping By sea, by air, by DHL/UPS/TNT/FedEx

Plus Size Boy Shorts Wholesale

How do you buy plus size boy shorts wholesale?

Children’s clothing is famous for its variety and rapid change. When consumers buy children’s clothing, they should consider whether the style and color of clothing can be liked by children and whether the clothing is more affordable and comfortable to wear, which is conducive to the safety and healthy growth of children. To this end, when choosing plus size boy shorts wholesale, comprehensive consideration should be given to the following five aspects.

Every parent his or her boys and girls can grow up healthily and find that many children’s clothes are not up to standard. Therefore, we must choose carefully when buying children’s clothes, because buying the wrong clothes will affect children’s health.

Although the substandard products are mainly minor problems such as unclear marks, individual “disease” problems can affect the physical health of children.

First, safety and health is the prerequisite for the purchase of children’s clothing.

Children’s body is weak, and resistance ability is poor, as a child’s second skin, children’s clothing health, and environmental protection issues are particularly important, so

The purchase of children’s clothing should take full account of the physiological characteristics of children, to reflect soft, breathable, comfortable, safe, and healthy, should pay attention to the following points

1. There should be no aerobic bleaching treatment and mildew and fire prevention finishing;

2. There should be no musty smell, gasoline smell, and other toxic odors;

3. Do not use decomposing toxic aromatic amine dyes, carcinogenic dyes, and dyes that may cause allergic infections;

4. Formaldehyde, extractable heavy metal content, PH value of leaching solution, color fastness, and pesticide residues in clothing should meet the national environmental protection standards for direct contact with skin;

5. The whole product from procurement, and production to packaging and shipping, each link through scientific and strict treatment, in line with the national environmental protection requirements.

Second, choose the appropriate children’s clothes from the functional and comfortable fabrics.

Children are lively, and active, there is no sense of protecting clothes, so the fabric should be strong, durable, not easy to damage. Range of motion in children

Large, high skin sensitivity, when buying children’s clothes, we should give full consideration to the wearing comfort of the clothes and the fabric fast moisture and sweat function. May wish to recommend some fabrics soft and elastic clothing, such as: cotton, silk, wool and other components made of clothes, so that not only wear comfortable, natural, and can greatly show the child’s purity and spirituality, and give a person a kind of elegant, intelligent feeling.

For infants and toddlers, it is best to choose pure cotton clothing, without phosphor, the color to soft white is appropriate.

Third, conducive to the growth and development of children to choose the right style of children’s clothing.

The selection of children’s clothing should take into account the nature of children, children are in the stage of development, should be based on loose natural leisure clothing. wear

With the appearance of delicate, free and loose casual clothes, usually do games, sports, etc., are very convenient; It is not only conducive to the development of the body, but also gives people a gentle and lovely, comfortable, casual feeling.

Fourth, from sewing workmanship to buying children’s clothing.


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