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Plus Size Biker Short Sets Wholesale

Plus Size Biker Short Sets Wholesale at Chinafitnessapparel.

We are a fitness clothing manufacturer that based in Zhejiang, China. Provide you Plus Size Biker Short Sets Wholesale, for years, we do wholesale business to company or individuals that provides these for those who want to start their own fitness line, but don’t have much money to custom their own design, Here, our MOQ=1PC, if you need more details, please send us a free inquiry.

Types Of Biker Shorts

If you’re just commuting or cycling occasionally, you won’t feel the need for a biking suit, but when you’re cycling more than 100 kilometers, you’ll feel the need for biking pants. Every extra bit of drag, every extra bit of weight, makes a big difference. The fabrics of professional cycling clothes are mostly special fabrics, which can transport the sweat of the body to the surface of the clothes through the clothing fibers, so as to achieve efficient sweating and dry cycling. Cycling pants are more effective in reducing friction and pressure.

According to the style of cycling pants can be divided into cycling shorts, cropped cycling pants and cycling trousers, and women’s cycling skirts and so on. In terms of function, cycling pants can be divided into cycling underwear, belt cycling pants, suspender cycling pants, and iron triplet cycling pants.

Cycling underpants are worn inside, over which you can wear loose sweatpants for regular exercise, and the rest are worn separately. Belted cycling pants are the most common style of cycling pants. They are simple and relatively inexpensive. When the belt is better tied rope, can be adjusted at will, the sense of bondage is not so strong.

Suspenders are often the choice of professional race riders and long-distance cyclists. Although it is inconvenient to wear and take off, it does not have the pressure of the waist and abdomen, which makes breathing easier when riding. It can also help you tighten the muscles of the waist and back, save energy and make it easier to exert power. In addition, the sling can also deflect sweat.

Biker Shorts Material

In general, the main materials of biker shorts are POLYESTER, POLYAMDE, SPANDEX and COOLMAX. Different materials will have different textures and different prices, you can choose according to your budget. Most biker shorts adopt three-dimensional cutting, which is more in line with human body shape. Usually, the number of clipping pieces ranges from 4, 6 to more than 8 pieces. The more pieces, the better fit the pants shape. But too many pieces will have the problem of too many seam lines, the general car pants with 8 pieces cut the most common. A good seam also has the characteristics of high elasticity, so that the pants are closer to the body and not so easy to come off when pulled. When buying biker shorts, you can also carry out a pulling test in the seam part.

Why You Need To Wear Biker Shorts

Many cyclists think it is necessary to wear biker shorts, while others think it is unnecessary to wear biker shorts, or just buy a pair of cycling pants and wear them cheaply… I think there are still a lot of riders who think this way. In fact, a seemingly simple pair of pants has a lot of knowledge, and it’s not just about the comfort of wearing them. It can also affect your health, your riding performance, and even your interest in cycling…

For example, why wear swimming trunks, swimming trunks can reduce the resistance of the water in the swim, attract the eyes on the beach, it is, but when you swim, will you feel that wearing swimming trunks is very exaggerated? Those who go swimming without their trunks and get their underwear see-through when it hits the water. Because we all know that the main function of swimming trunks is to avoid the embarrassing thing of being transparent in the water.

Again, in order to achieve this kind of perspiration, there is no substitute for a quick dry suit, which is the main reason most cycling suits are expensive.

In addition, there are usually three deep pockets on the back side of biker shorts, which is perfectly ok for holding mobile phones and wallets, and the pockets are designed in the back with the opening facing up. Considering the movement of cycling, you will find that this kind of pocket is much more comfortable than the ordinary pocket to hold some food and change, and also greatly convenient for cycling.

Secondly, the appearance of biker shorts is not exaggerated, the appearance of conspicuous is also good for safety, the road can also be eye-catching, the driver can see far away, will also warn the driver, the cyclist with the general bike to buy food is not the same. And some cycling suits have reflective strips on the back, making it easy for drivers to spot you at night.

Plus Size Biker Short Sets Wholesale

The Benefits of Buying Plus Size Biker Short Sets from Wholesaler?

In the look for the supply of products, the goods from manufacturers are described as a primary source, the supposed straight items from producers, as opposed to with foreign professional companies to acquire, which will certainly let the international professional companies to make cost difference, directly from the maker of the goods, obviously, is the advantage of the extra, such as the very first advantage is cheap, since the manufacturer after the product is done, Utilize the manufacturer price directly to offer, the cost will certainly be much favorable than the market price on the market.

In addition to plenty of benefits in rate, producers have various other benefits in the supply of products.
Buy products from the producer, it suggests that during the process of buying goods, like biker shorts, if you have some problems concerning the goods, you can promptly call the maker, and then the producer can readjust or duplicate the goods according to the situation, to make sure that you can prevent obtaining unqualified items.

This is the benefit that the key resource of items of manufacturer can bring, exposure to the manufacturer directly can, take products straight from the manufacturer, however, still have an issue.

That is, your need needs to be reasonably big. If your order is not big, you might not be able to buy it at a really low price. Just when you acquire items in batches from the maker can you enjoy the low cost.


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