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Long Underwear For Tall Men

Are you seeking Long underwear for tall men? Please find us for contact.  We have dralon underwear for you to choose from, either retail or wholesale.

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What is Dralon Fabric?

Dralon is a new type of thermal fabric produced by Bayer, but dralon is not the same thing as Darlon underwear. It just means that dralon (acrylic) is added to the underwear.

Dralon’s biggest focus is an excellent, soft layer of fluff on the surface, and the fabric has unique double T-shaped grooves that retain more still air, trapping water vapor generated in the body and turning it into heat.

To put it bluntly, Delong can lock in the heat of our body and resist the cold outside. Therefore, the so-called “spontaneous heat” of Delong is just to maximize the retention of our body’s own heat, nothing more. But seemingly simple physics can actually be about 5 degrees hotter than other underwear.

Why different Dralon underwear different?

The real cashmere is acrylic made by Bayer; But many businesses have tampered with this concept, that is, all the cotton made of acrylic fiber is called de velvet.
The quality of the other fibers mixed with the cashmere determines the final quality of the cashmere but also determines its price.

Purpose of blending:

The purpose of blending is to reduce the cost of woolen fabrics without reducing the style of woolen fabrics due to the incorporation of viscose fibers. The mixing of viscose fiber will make the strength, wear resistance, especially wrinkle resistance, fluffy and other properties of the fabric significantly worse, so the viscose content of combed fabric should not exceed 30%, and the viscose fiber content of coarse combed fabric should not exceed 50%.

This fabric has characteristic is good abrasion resistance, superfine fiber fabric feel soft and breathable, and moisture permeability, so in terms of touch and physical comfort, have obvious advantages, superfine fiber fabric wrinkle resistance is poorer, in order to overcome this shortcoming, it adopted a “composite” process, thus greatly improve the disadvantages of poor superfine fiber fabric wrinkle resistance.

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The difference of blend quality:

Whether it can effectively prevent static electricity
Because of the low temperature and humidity in winter, the load generated by friction can not be exported, which is more likely to cause static electricity. If it is blended with cheap chemical fiber, it is more likely to cause static electricity, while German cashmere and cotton and fabric of better quality are blended, it will reduce the friction effect effectively, prevent the generation of static electricity, do not need to change clothes every time, hair will take off.

Varying degrees of softness and lightness
Many people say that trying cashmere opens a new door to the world of long clothes. It feels like cashmere. But if it is blended with higher-quality fabrics, the fabric will have a higher density than other cheaper fabrics. It naturally feels softer and lighter.

Secondly, the lightness of cashmere fabric is better than that of ordinary wool sweaters. The weight of an ordinary wool sweater is twice as much as that of an ordinary wool sweater. Therefore, compared with an ordinary wool sweaters, the comfort of wearing cashmere fabric is double, which will help us avoid bloating and not feel cold.

The advantages of thermal underwear made of dralon

1, warm: Defleece fabric using dry spinning superfine special-shaped section technology, make the fabric more fluffy, in addition to stand up the pile can also increase the number of still air, so defleece fabric is very warm.

2, soft and slim: the most popular point of Develvet is thick and dense hair, soft and waxy feel, soft and close-fitting, can be removed from wearing bloated clothes in winter.

3, not easy to fade: Defleece fabric is made of active printing and dyeing, good color fastness, not easy to fade.

4. Good air permeability: Derong fabric has unique moisture core absorption function, which can better discharge moisture from the body and make it soft and breathable.

5, bright color: Derong rich color, elegant style, and fabric luster shining like diamond.


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