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Custom Equestrian Apparel

Why custom equestrian apparel go popular?

International fashion brands love horsemanship:

Equestrian has been popular among the royal family since the Middle Ages in Europe. From the 1500s onwards, European Kings saw horseback riding as a pastime, symbolizing vast territorial and economic potential, rather than merely a necessary tool of war. When Henry VIII came to the throne, he began to organize large-scale horse racing events. One reflection of horse culture is chivalry, which symbolizes honor, etiquette, humility, perseverance, loyalty, and piety.

Speaking of fashion brands related to equestrian, there are Gucci, Hermes, Ralph Lauren, Longchamp…
Gucci was founded in 1921 in Florence as a luggage and equestrian shop. The founder Mr. Guccio Gucci decided to make equestrian accessories in order to quickly bring his store to the elite crowd around the world. It was only after Gucci became famous for making high-quality leather goods that Mr Guccio Gucci branched out into other goods, such as shoes, bags and ready-to-wear.

Hermes is a world famous luxury brand. It was founded by Thierry Hermes in 1837 in Paris, France. It started from the manufacturing of high-grade harness in its early years. The whole brand always takes “horse” as the design inspiration, and continues to apply the craft of harness making in the extended products, and applies the elements of horse and horsemanship in them. The Hermes logo has also retained the classic horse-drawn carriage image.

Full of contemporary style, CELINE is the best French luxury brand to show the style of working women. CELINE’s love of horses can be seen in their logo. The brand’s classic “two-wheeled, one-seater carriage” pattern is the result of the founder Ms. Celine Vipiana’s husband loves horseback riding, so she integrated this noble leisure activity into the brand design. Later, another CELINE ace was born, the “C” that first appeared in the half moon carriage pattern in the travel bag collection.

For French racehorse lovers, Longchamp racecourse in Paris is the first thing they associate with Longchamp racecourse. Its horse racing event dates back to the period of Napoleon III. Many French aristocrats, scholars and elegant people were once guests of Longchamp Racecourse.

Equestrian in the brand show

Charlotte Casiraghi, granddaughter of Princess Grace Kelly, walks on a horse during the Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2022 Chanel Fashion Week. This time the collection was also inspired by equestrian fashion.
In the opening scene of CELINE’s Fall/Winter 2021 menswear collection, Goth teenagers on horses galloped through ancient castles. In addition to the rock ‘n ‘roll elements of the past, the ready-to-wear design is also expressed through the boyhood chivalry with exquisite embroidery and bold overlapping and mixing styles.
In 2021, Gucci launched its “Aria Fashion Aria” anniversary show on the occasion of its centennial birthday. Equestrian is the starting point of Gucci brand. After 100 years of reincarnation, the designer once again paid tribute to the brand founder with equestrian elements.
Hermes’ Fall/Winter 2020 haute ready-to-wear fashion show featured an equestrian steeplechase as a backdrop.
Dior Early Spring 2019 ready-to-wear collection is themed with Mexican Escaramuzas, equestrian clothing as inspiration to show unique female charm.

Horsemanship is the new fashion
Brands bring their love of horsemanship into fashion through equestrian elements.

In terms of symbolism, brands often use elements such as armature and horseshoe patterns.

In terms of clothing, equestrian fashion styles often combine a polo shirt or T-shirt with leggings, a tweed shirt around the waist, and knee-high leather boots on the legs. This style is especially popular with women who like strong men’s wear. Chanel, in particular, has introduced Jodhpur trousers, a style inspired by India’s baggy harun trousers.

“The greatest conquest ever made by man was the conquest of the horse,” Homer wrote. The designers of high-end fashion brands are constantly interpreting freedom, glory and brave chivalry through the images of horses.

What style of equestrian clothing does the rider prefer?

It’s worth mentioning that riding includes a variety of activities, some of which are heavily regulated in terms of clothing choices. Whatever the purpose, clothing needs to be reliable and of good quality.

Dressage expresses elegance, with an emphasis on plain riding jackets with metal buckles, traditional breeches, proper riding caps but no helmets, and tall dark dress boots.
Endurance cycling is about skill and flexibility in wearing, protective helmets and all-weather riding boots.
Equestrian events combine practical endurance equipment with the elegance of dressage. They wore protective hats and ordinary riding boots.
Cross-country can be informal, preferring comfortable clothing without compromising safety gear.

What to look for in wholesale equestrian clothing?

Trusted suppliers of equestrian clothing will offer a wide range of sizes, styles and materials to suit all riding events as well as rider ages and budgets. Remember to pay close attention to delivery and customer service.Hopefully this short overview will help you safely navigate the complex field of equestrian clothing. A good supplier should be able to assist with different materials, styles and budget requirements.

If you have any interest in making Custom Equestrian Apparel, please contact us!


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