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China Disposable Panties Period Factory

Lateral leakage and posterior leakage during the physiological period have always been a common problem troubling many women. Especially during sleep leakage, will directly affect the quality of sleep, and then lead to poor mental state the next day. Amount of night, although the extended sanitary napkin can be solved to a certain extent after leakage, but turn over, side lying easy to cause side leakage is difficult to completely avoid.

disposable panties period

Benefits of Disposable Panties Period:

This requires the easy-to-wear Disposable Panties Period to help female friends, to realize the wish of sleeping until dawn even in a large number of nights, and to fundamentally solve the embarrassment and trouble that plague women during their periods.

Disposable Panties Period, 360 degrees all fit around the buttocks without worrying about side leakage.

Disposable Panties Period high elastic waist, retractable crotch, and 360-degree three-dimensional full surround, plus leakage-proof side, three-dimensional fit, pajama pants have a wider absorption core area and greater absorption. During your period, choose pajamas that are more suitable for the night, making girls feel at ease and comfortable.

Disposable Panties Period has triple protection, preventing side and back leakage. It can take care of women’s physiological health in an all-around way from comfort to practicality.

Who needs their Disposable Panties Period:

First, some female friends have a particularly large menstrual volume, and ordinary sanitary napkins are often not well absorbed. If you are not careful, side leaks will occur. Especially when sleeping at night, using pajama bottoms can solve this problem.

Second, women postpartum period. At this time, it may be difficult to absorb blood with ordinary sanitary napkins, while pants sanitary napkins have better absorption capacity, which is suitable for postpartum use.

Third, some female friends of outdoor sports also like to do some outdoor activities in their menstrual period. If you use ordinary sanitary pads, there is the inevitable risk of dirty clothes, using pajama pants is much safer.

Can disposable panties wear all day long?

You can wear it for two to three hours during the day and eight hours at night. Disposable Panties Period is a combination of sanitary napkins and underwear. The pants type sanitary napkin is longer and more convenient to enlarge, and will not leak. Take it off and throw it away. It’s convenient.

Things to know before using disposable panties:

First, you should know the hip and waist circumference. Most products will be divided into two or three sizes, so you need to choose according to the size, but because Ann pajama pants are mostly improved with flexibility, so some fat girls don’t have to worry, as long as they are not too fat or too thin can use.
Second, the air permeability of all products is about the same as sanitary napkins, especially this kind of pajama pants with good tightness, and the problem of poor air permeability will appear for a long time.
Third, the amount of absorption is slightly larger than the general sanitary napkin, unless the amount is very large, generally do not change at night.

Where you can buy disposable panties period?

The factory
The factory is where the product is actually made and where you are most likely to look. By dealing directly with the factory, you can get the lowest manufacturing price. The downside, however, is that it is often more difficult to communicate and strike deals with overseas plants with the highest profit potential.


Wholesalers do not produce products. They just buy and sell products in bulk. Dealing with wholesalers rather than factories has several advantages. The most important thing is that you will most likely be able to deal with domestic companies, making communication easier. They may also have local storage, so shipping may be faster and cheaper. Working with a local wholesaler can add some security to your business. Better to deal with Western companies than with Chinese factory owners. Your legal recourse is also greater if anything goes wrong.

Perhaps the biggest downside of working with wholesalers is that the product already exists. If you want to create a new product that is different from anything already on the market, you need to find a factory.

Trading co.
A trading company is similar to a wholesaler, but usually deals in a smaller number of products and a larger variety of products. This is their greatest strength.
Like wholesalers, these are middlemen, which will drive up your unit price. The biggest drawback, however, is the companies’ lack of responsibility. Usually, trading companies are not responsible for defective products. In this case, you may also not know who the actual manufacturer is, reducing your overall security.

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