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3 Easy Solutions
To Customize Your Own Branded Fitness Apparel

#1, Stock designs with your logo
Over 150 types of hot-selling design & More than 12,000pieces of ready-for-printing activewear.
Option 1
#2, Make your own design come true
Make your creation come true at lower costs & smaller quantity, but with the large brand quality level.
Option 2
#3, Blank fitness clothing wholesale
Existing over 12,000pieces of inventory at China wholesale price, worry-free after sales.
Option 3
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Imagine that you don’t have to worry about these things:

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we found that many Foreign Workout Clothing Purchasers might have encountered the following 4 headaches:

1, Worrying about the quality of the products, but couldn’t go check immediately!

2, Can’t control the delivery date because you don’t know the current production schedule!

3, When something went wrong, the salesman of your supplier suddenly lost contact!

4, The OEM/ODM factory has no patient & couldn’t understand well about your idea

“Worriless Production” solution
puts forward the following 4 specific proposals:

The 1st “Worriless Production” solution provider in gym clothes manufacturing area from China.


Why consistent quality? Total 5 inspections in the process of knitting, dyeing, sewing, ironing, packaging.


365 days working time! Please complain to: about any salesman who exceeds the time limit!


Why timely delivery? Make your production schedule under control with our 3 production progress reports.


Give us your rough idea, let’s effectively communicate the possibilities of this fitness apparel design and make it concrete and a reality!

Fast & Affordable Way to Build Your Custom Fitness Apparel Wholesale Line!

What is Custom Fitness Clothing?

2 types of customized fitness apparel for you to choose from:

Type #1: Customizing to your personalized workout clothes design.

You may have a design department that creates great custom gym clothing styles. Providing us with accurate design specs as Tech Packs, Drawings, or Original Samples with Modify Advice.

Type #2: Put your Brand/ Logo onto the fitness clothing manufacturer’s inventory unbranded gym clothing design.

Various styles, colors and sizes are in stock. No Minumum Order Quantity for blank versions!


How To Customize Fitness Apparel?

5 steps to customize your own private label fitness apparel with Custom Gym Clothing Manufacturers.

Step 1: Show your ideas

  • Option 1: Express the sample(s) you want to customize with, describe your wonderful design ideas through drawing and text.
  • Option 2: Send your Tech Pack with rough effect sketch or other details on it.
  • Option 3: Just give us some ideas in your mind, or send us photos of the item you love. You might easily get these pictures from internet or the hot-sale market in your country.
  • Option 4: Choose items you love from our instock wholesale unbranded gym clothing catalogs ( Non-classified styles).

Step 2: Get an estimated price

The price is usually determined by the thickness of the fabric, the difficulty of production and the quantity.

Step 3: Sample making

Together let’s decide the material, measurements, color and other details. Then our experienced engineer will finalize the sample(s). It takes 5-10 days normally.

Step 4: Samples confirmation

Now your dreamed private design custom fitness apparel has come true! Feel free to find us if you need any improvement, we’ll revise it until you are satisfied!

Step 5: Bulk order

From the picture on the right, you can see our production and service processes clearly.

Low MOQ 50PCs/type for stocks with heat transfer private label!

Less MOQ than any other factories for OEM/ODM customized items with various types of private label including knitting, heat transfer, screen printing, hangtags, etc.!

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What our clients say about Chinafitnessclothing:

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Finding Fitness Clothing Manufacturing Companies from China?
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A Realiable Manufacturer of Custom Gym Clothing from China

At ChinaFitnessClothing, we carry a wide range of customized or stocked fitness apparel and gym clothing. From corporate uniforms and team apparel to your own private label activewear, our high-quality designs are sure to stand out at any event. You can create bespoke workout clothes quickly and easily online today!

Create your own custom fitness apparel wholesale to promote your brand, business, or brand! We offer the world’s largest selection of high-quality bulk sale workout clothing. Ordering couldn’t be easier, simply select the number of garments needed and upload your own design logo or customize the design using our interactive design tool.

How To Choose Custom Fitness Apparel Supplier?

With business growth of your business, the significantly intense competitors of the marketplace in addition to the updating of brand-new items, you might require to discover a much better custom fitness apparel supplier, who fits your business much better. To pick a brand-new China fitness clothing manufacturer is a vital choice by the Buying Department. Here are some following elements, from which you can compare and evaluate.

1) The dependability of the provider.

Generally, examine the capability and credibility of the workout clothes factory. Take a look at whether they can ensure that the colors, types, specs and amount of the goods can be provided according to the requirements of the shopping mall, on the other hand, whether this supplier has a long-lasting service relationship with some leading brand names can likewise supply recommendations, given that leading brand names constantly have high-level need of the quality and lead time.

2) The quality and rate.

Focus primarily on whether the quality of the goods satisfies the relative requirement, whether it has the ability to satisfy the need of the customers, or the quality grade is consistent with the shopping mall image, whether the purchase cost is reasonable and how will the earnings be, whether the anticipated price can be accepted by the most customers and how will the sales be, whether there is any discount rate for the very first purchase. Prior to bulk order, you can obtain samples to inspect whether the quality values the cost.

3) Preparation.

Make it clear which shipping technique the provider will utilize if there is any contract on the freight and what the payment approach is. Have a look at whether the preparation fulfills the sales requirements and can be ensured on time.
In order to guarantee the quality of the goods, the Purchase Department of your business can establish a declare the fitness apparel manufacturer and supplement appropriate info at any time, so regarding select a most appropriate one by comparing the information.

Benefits of Custom Fitness Apparel with Private Label

1)Proper Size & Optional Color

Tailored fitness garments are very essential for workout and fitness. Just picture if you work with a tailor to determine your body shape, the final one will certainly be the most suitable for your body shape.

Here we provide International Standardized Size Reference Tables (Suit for European size, USA size, AUS size, Asia size, etc). We will help you customize products suitable for your country’s Gym Clothes Market.

2) Idea Material

You can freely and flexibly choose the material to be utilized for workout clothes, and pick the material you want according to your requirements.

Functional features could be achieved, such as Moisture-wicking, Compression, Super-soft hand feeling, Anti-bacterial, Ultraviolet-proof, Quick-dry, Keeping warm, etc.

Most kinds of specifications on the material can be accomplished by a professional Custom Fitness Apparel Manufacturer. Some effects that you wish to achieve can be shown by fabrics! The ideal fitness wear made of good fabric is a work of art!

3) Diverse Designs

There are many designs you can achieve, especially those new styles for youths, who pay fantastic attention to the style of fitness clothes. You can also put forward your concepts to the personalized workout clothes supplier, or provide your desired template you desire.

4) Custom Fitness Apparel with Your Private Label, Logo, or Tailored Patterns

In customized fitness apparel, you can include your personal brand name label or logo design you desire. This label or logo design can be your company’s brand to boost your brand name awareness. Clothes, package, hangtag, care label, all can be printed with your own brand.

You can likewise add photos you want, such as your lover’s pictures, pictures of your favorite political or sports stars. You can also make customized fitness clothing for your partner or sweetheart as a witness of love. Romantic & easy for selling!

Types of Fitness Apparel Manufacturers

1) Family workshop

This kind of factory often only does a certain category or a certain link, which has the advantage of quick response and is suitable for small brands that are just starting. But its disadvantages are unstable quality, limited production capacity, and complicated communication.

2) Small and medium-sized activewear suppliers

Advantages: Their production & sales system is relatively complete, the produced clothing categories are relatively complete, the quality is acceptable, and the communication is convenient, which can help customers make some special production processes.

Disadvantages: The order quantity of a single item is often several hundred pieces because it is too little to cover the cost.

3) Large-scaled factories

Naturally, we don’t need to say more about the advantages: we can provide first-class products with fast and stable production speed.

The disadvantage is that you need a large number of orders, and bear a huge storage cost.

These three kinds of wholesale fitness apparel manufacturers with different scales have their own advantages and disadvantages, so we still have to choose according to our own situation.

An Always-on Custom Fitness Apparel Manufacturer that
Tries to Learn Your Potential Demands

Product Range: Custom gym hoodies, fitness jacket, athletic wear, fitness shorts, fitness shirt, gym leggings, activewear clothing, bodybuilding garment, ladies gym tops, sports bras, blank fitness apparel, unbranded gym clothing, etc.

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