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Unbranded Gym Clothing Wholesale
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Wholesale Unbranded Workout Clothes Manufacturer

What is unbranded gym clothing? It is a type of blank & no logo workout clothes. Sellers, Retailers, Distributors can print their own logo, brand, or hangtags before sell them.

China Fitness Clothing has more than 10,000pieces of wholesale unbranded gym clothing of popular designs in stock, and keep them updated frequently.

Several Unbranded Gym Clothing Wholesale Designs. (Not All)

What They Say:

How To Work With Wholesale Unbranded Workout Clothes Suppliers?

First, Ask for brochures. There are lots of popular kinds of styles of plain exercise clothing on the brochure. You can pick any of them.

Second, Let the provider understand your targe amount, consisting of sizes, colors, whether personal logo design or hantgas required. Blank physical fitness clothes producers will advise appropriate product & positions for personal label hanging or printing.

Third, Ask for quote. Let the provider understand all your requirements so that they can offer precise deal appropriately.

Fourth, Order verification & the payment. Make certain the provider problems the shipment time.

Fifth, Waiting on the shipping.

What You Get with Us:
The 1st “Worriless Production” solution provider & Wholesale Seamless Clothing Manufacturer from China.


Why consistent quality? Total 5 inspections in the process of knitting, dyeing, sewing, ironing, packaging.


Circular knitting machine sizes from Children’s size to oversize: Various measurements & all sizes!


Get back to any inquiries within 1 day! 365 days without vacation!


Cooperating with GymShark, Doyoueven, NewBalance, Hanes, etc.


Why timely delivery? Make your production schedule under control with our 3 production progress reports.


Give us your rough idea, let’s easily communicate the possibilities of this design and make it a reality!


Benefits of Wholesale Unbranded Gym Clothing

You can add your own brand, logo, private label onto unbranded athletic apparel easily! A branded gym wear has the following benefits:

1, Show your brand and promote it. Let your name be known to most people. printign your logo on every piece of clothing you sell, which is a great way to advertise, especially if your logo is original and should get some attention. Your customers are invisible advertising your brand.

2, Enhance the influence of the brand. In the long history of the brand, there have been many experiments like this. For example, in 1975, when Pepsi was still a new brand, the Coca-Cola challenge was launched, and tasters were given a can of Coca-Cola and a can of Pepsi and asked to judge the taste. As a result, most of the tasters chose Coca-Cola. But the results were reversed when the testers tasted coke without the packaging, and Pepsi used the results to prove that its taste was better, but that Coca-Cola’s brand was more powerful. The logo and packaging alone make people feel that the drink tastes better. Thus, it is very important to increase brand influence. 

unbranded gym clothing wholesale supplier

3, Improve customers’ trust, buying branded clothes in physical stores is more reassuring than buying clothes without brands. Even small brands. But it also increases customer trust. Plus some custom wash labels, size charts and packaging. The customer experience will be greatly deepened.

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