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    Why Is Dyed Yarn More And More Popular? 4 Advantages of Dyed Yarn

    Dyed yarn products are becoming more and more popular in recent years. They can be made into various types of custom fitness apparel, knitting clothing, etc. Many color spinning enterprises still keep good profits even though the environment is not favorable. Color spinning is in line with the mainstream development trend. What are the advantages of color spinning? How different is the production technology of dyed yarn from that of ordinary dyed yarn?

    Dyed Yarn: Advantage In Color

    The color of dyed yarn is fiber mixed color style, which is different from pure dyeing of natural color yarn or cloth. At least one kind of colored fiber is contained in the raw material of color spinning, which is formed by the excessive mixing of different colored fibers in spinning. Therefore, the fabric composed of color spun yarn can present the effect of “space mixing”, and has the change of layers.

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    Dyed Yarn: Advantage In Environment Protection

    Color spinning reverses the traditional process of spinning before dyeing, which is fiber dyeing first and then blended spinning. However, most of the dyed fibers are not used in most of the color spun products. 40% – 50% of the raw materials of the colored spinning are natural fibers, and only part of the dyed fibers are dyed. So it is relatively more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

    As a raw material of color spinning, natural color fiber has two functions: one is as a color (white); the other is used for depth adjustment of all color spun products.

     dyed yarn

    Take the common light colored cotton flax grey yarn as an example, generally dyed cotton only accounts for about 10%, that is, about 90% of the cotton fiber is not dyed and is pure natural.

    In particular, if the colored fiber in the colored textile product is chemical fiber, the production process can be completely free of pollution emission. For example, some colored chemical fibers adopt the “solution coloring” technology, adding color masterbatch in the spinning process. Its production process is pollution-free and zero emission.

    Dyed Yarn: Advantage In Dyeing

    In the traditional “spinning before dyeing” process, the dyeing properties of fibers are different due to different chemical properties, which brings trouble to the dyeing of blended yarn and fabric. The process of “dyeing first, spinning later” is adopted in color spinning, which solves the problem of color matching in the blending of foreign fibers.

    It is mentioned in the dyeing process that before spinning, no matter what kind of material fiber (natural, regenerated and synthetic), what dyeing process (high temperature and high pressure dyeing, or room temperature and pressure dyeing), and what kind of dyes (reactive, disperse, direct and reduced), they can be solved. They can be dyed separately and then perfectly combined. Therefore, it is no longer difficult to dye multi material blended products.

    3 14 - Why Is Dyed Yarn More And More Popular? 4 Advantages of Dyed Yarn - Wholesale Fitness Clothing Manufacturer

    Dyed Yarn: Advantage In Product Development

    The product development of natural color yarn is mainly based on the changes of fiber materials and spinning technology, such as:

    New functional fiber raw materials: this kind of conceptual new fiber includes bamboo fiber, soybean fiber, milk fiber and chitin fiber. Its functions include anti ultraviolet, antibacterial and deodorizing, moisture absorption and perspiration, fire resistance, oil resistance, easy decontamination, far infrared, antistatic, anti electromagnetic radiation, etc.

    New spinning technology: compact spinning and siro spinning yarn are more smooth; slub yarn has phase fineness change style; air jet vortex spinning yarn is hygroscopic and quick drying, not easy to pilling, etc.

    4 12 - Why Is Dyed Yarn More And More Popular? 4 Advantages of Dyed Yarn - Wholesale Fitness Clothing Manufacturer

    The method of developing new products with natural color yarn can be introduced into color spinning, and new variation can also appear. In addition to the change of fiber and technology, color spinning also has color and art elements, which gives color spinning a broader space.

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