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    Which Lululemon Tights Are The Best

    As a fan or regular customer of Lululemon, what do you think of the question: which lululemon tights are the best? In this blog, we are going to talk about this question from lululemon Materials and products series:

    Lululemon leggings materials:

    Currently Nulu™, Nulux™, Everlux™, Luxtreme™ are the main materials.

    Lululemon Material Nulu™


    Align Yoga
    Nulux™ Fast&Free、Base Pace Running series
    Everlux™ Wunder Train
    Luxtreme™ all the right places, Swift Speed,
    Nulu™ The most famous “skin-friendly and naked” fabric, processed by double-sided wool grinding process, has a soft and waxy texture, good adhesion and high ductility, which is suitable for yoga. This fabric is intended to fit like a barely-there second skin: it’s ultra-lightweight, breathable, and crazy soft. It has a more plush, softer feel than luxtreme but it’s not cottony like luon.
    Instead, it has a slightly spongy, luscious feel.Because it’s so light, nulu is a great option for hot climates and hot workouts. It’s important to note that it does not offer any compression or smoothing. If you prefer a firmer fit that holds you in, skip nulu and try another fabric. Some people like to wear a size down in nulu for a slightly tighter fit, but it’s never going to be truly compressive.Nulu is also prone to pilling, so do not use nulu items for high-intensity, high-friction workouts. Because nulu is so lightweight, be sure to do a squat test to ensure your leggings have the amount of coverage you want.
    Nulux™ In addition to similar functions of Nulu™, it also features sweat absorption and quick drying, suitable for running training and so on. If you like the next-to-nothing feel of nulu, but want an option for high-intensity workouts, nulux is the fabric for you!
    Like nulu, nulux is pretty lightweight and thus can be lower coverage. Do a squat test before you pop the tags to make sure you don’t see anything you don’t want seen.Since nulux is very light, it’s a little bit cooler for hot workouts compared to luxtreme. If you’re not a fan of shorts, nulux crops and leggings are a great solution.Nulux has a slightly slicker feel compared to nulu, but isn’t as heavy duty as luxtreme. Like the name suggests, nulux is like the lovechild of nulu and luxtreme. It’s pilling-resistant, so it’s great for high-friction workouts like running.
    Luxtreme™ With low resistance, smooth and good air permeability characteristics, suitable for a lot of sweat running or high-intensity training, sweat effect is good, suitable for running and training. Luxtreme is lulu’s signature fabric for running. It has a much lighter feel than luon and feels nothing like cotton. Instead, it’s smooth-faced and slick to the touch. It feels cool against the skin and is great for high-sweat. Luxtreme is highly resistant to friction and will not pill. Personally, I feel it is more breathable than luon. Luxtreme is another versatile fabric that can be used for lots of other sweaty pursuits.

    Full-on luxtreme is a variation of luxtreme: it’s a tighter weave with more compressive and coverage. This means the fabric has a slightly thicker, sturdier feel than regular luxtreme.

    Everlux™ Unique double-sided knitting, soft touch outer layer, inner layer moisture absorption and sweat, cool and comfortable fabric, suitable for indoor sweat training. Everlux feels like nulu and luxtreme combined, taking the best of each of them. Super-soft to the touch, luxurious, and comfy like nulu, but somehow still nicely compressive and sweat-wicking for high-performance settings.
    They feel slightly warmer than the ultra-lightweight feel nulu, but are still designed to wick away sweat and dry quickly in hot, sweaty environments, like luxtreme.Everlux might be the most versatile of all lulu’s fabrics. Comfortable enough for casual wear and low impact workouts, but durable and sweat-wicking enough for high intensity and high impact.  If you are a generalist who wants tights that are seriously down for whatever, everlux will be your best friend.
    Luon™ With super elasticity, sweat absorption ability and soft cotton feel, elastic fabric extends well, can maintain muscle shape, suitable for yoga or low intensity training. Luon is lulu’s original, signature yoga fabric. It has a cottony feel to it and can feel cozier against the skin compare to other athletic fabrics. All luon is 4-way stretch and moisture-wicking. Variations of luon include full-on luon, which is a tighter weave intended to provide extra support and coverage. Light luon (sometimes called luon light) is exactly what it sounds like: slightly less thick, which is great for things like tank tops where sheerness isn’t a concern.

    Keep in mind that luon items that have prints/patterns typically feel much slicker and less cottony-soft, almost like luxtreme. You’ll also notice that prints are usually backed in white, which can cause the print to appear slightly faded when stretched.

    Lululemon products:

    Legging at Lululemon includes Align, Wunder Under, Fast& Free, Wunder Train, Invigorate, Swift Speed, Base Pace, Power Thru, and Tighest Stuff and other nearly 10 series.
    The main categories are yoga, training, and running.
    Support degree from low to high.

    Lululemon’s low-impact workouts (Yoga, Pilates) : Align, Instill, Wunder Under.

    The famous Align is powered by skin-friendly Nulu™ material with double-sided hair grinding. It is very comfortable, breathable and stretchable, but it is not good for shaping and sweating, so it is suitable for indoor yoga, Pilates and also suitable for pregnant women, but it is not recommended to daily using.

    It is a little thick and not too shapeable in summer, so it may be used as a base. Fully show what you leg’s original looking.


    • second skin
    • Very breathable
    • Super plush and buttery soft
    • Brushed feel
    • Very lightweight
    • Not compressive
    • Fabric is prone to pilling. It’s best to avoid high-intensity workouts that cause friction and rubbing.
    • Fabric attracts dust and lint.


    Instill uses a softer, new SmoothCover fabric that is sweatproof and support-proof. But thicker than Align, the InStill is also great for indoor yoga, Pilates, better support and butt-covering.

    So if you care about comfort and are looking for something you can wear on the go as well as yoga, instill is definitely right.instill


    Wunder Under adopts Luxtreme classic quick-drying fabric, which has a certain softness and a little higher strength than Align.

    It is cool and smooth, supports and dries well. If you don’t mind a smooth texture, and if you’re a Pill-resistant exercise-beyond-yoga kind of person, then wunder Under is the best option.

    wunder under


    • Fits like a second skin.
    • Very stretchy
    • Very compressive
    • Feels slick, smooth, cool to the touch
    • Targeted Muscle Support – tighter compression throughout your abs, hips, bum and thighs.
    • 4-way stretch contours to the body
    • Great shape retention
    • Very durable fabric
    • Sweat-wicking

    Yoga series summary: Yoga, Pilates enthusiasts choose the super classic align series, because you are sure to own more than one legging, having a super comfortable align is a must.

    For autumn and winter, if you want to go out and feel comfortable, you can choose Instill.

    For summer, you can choose Wunder Under

    Yoga series summary
    comfortness Align>instill>wounder under
    shapes Wunder under>instill>Align
    thickness instill>Align>Wounder under
    sweatproof wounder under>instill>Align

    Lululemon’s medium-intensity exercise training products: All the Right Places, Wunder Under/Train, Orate, Power Thru, ect.

    In addition to being less comfortable than yoga, this collection is made of Everlux™ or Luxtreme™ fabric for better dry, support and wear resistance.

    The Wunder Train follows the Wunder Under version and has the same design except for the multiple drawstrings at the waist. The Wunder Under fabric is made of Luxtreme™, while the Wunder Train fabric is made of Everlux™. The Wunder Train fabric is smooth on the inside and fluffy on the outside. The Wunder Train fabric is more perspired than Wunder Under and provides similar support.

    So if it’s summer, or if you sweat a lot, wear the Wunder Train


    • Lightweight
    • Durable
    • Very compressive
    • Very breathable
    • Very stretchy – High Lycra® content gives four-way stretch Everlux excellent shape retention.
    • Buttery smooth surface
    • Feels like a thicker Nulux fabric.
    • Double-knit structure (double layered) keeps the fabric cool against your skin.
    • Fabric is very durable and will not pill.
    • Efficiently carries sweat to the fabric surface to dry quickly.
    • Very opaque.

    wunder train

    The Invigorate uses the same fabric as Wunder Train, a different design, more side pockets and hidden pockets at the back to give more storage space, and a curved bottom to boost the hips. The shape of the pants is a bit sharper but slimmer. You’ve thought it might be refreshing to look like a Wunder Train ora better shape.

    • EverluxM fabric breathable, sweat dry, with four elastic; The outside is soft to the touch and the inside is cool and smooth
    •  Lycra@ spandex for comfortable stretching and non-deformation
    • Side pocket
    • Hidden waist pocket
    • Continuous drawstring design
    • High waist modelsInvigorate2

    Power Thru is a new wear-resistant fabric that feels like DOUBLE Nulux™ fabric. On the basis of softness, it has the characteristics of quick drying. The design is short in front and high in the back. The pocket and arc connection design will make the legs longer, and the hip has some arc design.


    • The fabric is dry, not easy to damage, with four elastic
    • LycraR spandex is added for comfortable stretching and no deformation
    • Side pocket
    • Continuous drawstring design
    • The front side of the waist is high-waisted and the backside is super-high-waisted

    Power Thru


    All the Right Places, Powered by Luxtreme™ Fabric, these cross-sport crops have the zoned support you love plus an added drawcord at the waist for a just-right fit that stays put.
    On top of that, All the Right Places uses Lululemon’s handful of the seamless crotches-the best choice for camel-toe-proof, no-awkwardness lines.


    • Luxtreme fabric feels cool and smooth to the touch, provides good support, and is dry with sweat and elastic on all sides
    • Add Lycra@ spandex for comfortable stretching and non-deformation
    • No side stitching at the front, good privacy protection
    • Waist pocket for storing keys or cards with a high waist design

    Training series summary:

    You’ve thought it’s refreshing to have more pockets and a better shape than the Invigorate. You want to exercise and run all the right places. To show leg length, select Power Thru.

    Lululemon’s running series: Fast& Free, Base Pace, Swift Speed, and Tightest Stuff

    Fast& Free is the hottest running style. The strongest Nulux™ fabric, lululemon’s thinnest fabric, is also waterproof and quick-drying. It has a drawstring design and reflective light.


    • Nulux fabrics feel cool and smooth, sweat and dry, provide light cover, with four-sided elasticity
    • Add Lycra@ spandex for comfortable stretching and non-deformation
    • Hidden waist pocket design
    • Side pocket
    • Continuous drawstring design
    • Reflective details
    • High waist models

    Fast& Free

    Base Pace is made of the same fabric as Fast& Free, but it’s a simpler design with fewer pockets and lines because there aren’t as many stitches that print on the legs at the seams. Base Pace has a lower hip line and a visual effect of hip lift. Base Pace is a bit thicker than Fast& Free and has a flecked version, which is suitable for running in autumn and winter.

    Base PaceBase Pace


    • Nulux fabrics feel cool and smooth, sweat and dry, provide light cover, with four-sided elasticity
    • Add Lycra◎ Spandex, comfortable stretch, not easy to deformation
    • The back pocket
    • Continuous drawstring design
    • Reduce stitching design for a comfortable fit

    Swift Speed is made from Full on Luxtreme™ fabric, which is tighter and tighter than Luxtreme™. Thicker than Fast& Free, more elastic and slimmer. So more suitable for autumn and winter wear. This one may be tighter than others in the same size because it has more stretch.


    • Luxtreme fabric feels cool and smooth to the touch, provides good support, and is dry with sweat and elastic on all sides
    • Add Lycra◎ Spandex, comfortable stretch, not easy to deformation
    • Side pocket
    • Rear zipper pocket with continuous drawstring design
    • Reflective details
    • Reduce stitching design for a comfortable fit for high-waisted models

    Running series summary:
    In summer, the best choice for running is the classic Fast& Free. If you want to choose Base Pace, you should choose Base Pace in autumn and winter. Swift Speed is thicker and thinner than Fast& Free.

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