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    What To Wear For Marathon And How To Choose Marathon Gear?

    What to wear for marathon? Compared to the jogging gear, it seems that the marathon gear must be minimalism. Not really. To participate in a marathon, full-body equipment is required to avoid bringing extra weight to the body as much as possible and ensure the comfort, retention and performance support. To customize marathon clothes, please visit chinafitnessclothing website.

    What To Wear For Marathon: For Upper Body

    What to wear for marathon? Elite marathon runners generally choose vests as their tops, which have the best breathability and the lightest weight.

    Previous studies have shown that the most suitable temperature for a marathon is between 5-12°C, and runners in this temperature range can often achieve their best results.

    However, this temperature will be low for amateur marathon enthusiasts. In autumn and winter, when the competition time exceeds 4 hours, the body may feel significantly cold. And some amateur players tend to start later than the elite players, which means longer waiting time before the game. Wearing too little is easy to lose temperature.

    There is also a problem to pay attention to when choosing a vest. If the sun is strong on the race day, you need to pay attention to sun protection, such as applying sunscreen. You may not find any abnormalities during the game for a few hours. Sunburn after the game will make your skin painful for a long time.

    The most common tops for amateurs are short sleeves. In addition to considering the breathability, the material should be as light and soft as possible. Compared with daily running training, the competition will take longer and the skin will be more prone to friction. Some men run a marathon with two “red spots” on their chests, that is, blood is worn out on sensitive parts.

    Therefore, in addition to choosing a suitable top, please consider whether you need milk sticks, Vaseline (to reduce friction), etc., as appropriate.

    For female runners, long-term marathon competitions will have higher requirements for sports bra support. You can choose a sports bra that is relatively more supportive/wrapped for use in the game.

    Generally speaking, when the competition temperature reaches 20℃, the vest will be a very suitable choice. When the competition temperature is lower than 10℃, if you choose to wear a vest, you need to pay special attention to the heat preservation work before the start and understand the temperature changes during the competition time; short sleeves will be more suitable for most temperatures, you need to pay attention to the material (light and soft ones are better); When the temperature of the game is lower than 5℃, you can also consider long-sleeved games-everyone’s body’s perception of cold/heat resistance varies greatly, and you need to consider what you wear based on your own situation.

    In autumn, the temperature is generally low before the gun is fired, and the easy-to-remove skin windbreaker is also very suitable for use in the game. When the body gradually moves and the body temperature rises, the skin windbreaker can be folded and stored, and it will not have too much influence on the game.

    What To Wear For Marathon: For Lower Body

    What to wear for marathon? Same as the upper body part, most elite runners wear very short marathon shorts. According to the length of marathon shorts, there are 3 inches (usually at the base of the thigh), 5 inches (middle thigh), and 7 inches (close to the knee). The shorter the short, the higher the natural flexibility and the lighter.

    Players with thicker legs are more likely to encounter skin friction problems. At this time, tight pants that fit more closely to the skin can relatively avoid this situation.

    Compared with the upper body, many players also choose compression equipment, such as compression pants, leg covers, etc. It is recommended that you choose a training day before the game and try to run with the complete set of equipment during the game. Don’t try a new match after the game.

    What To Wear For Marathon: Running Shoes

    What to wear for marathon? The choice of competition shoes is still a problem for many amateur marathon runners. Should I wear those “racing shoes”?

    Another common name for racing shoes, marathon shoes, makes many people mistakenly believe that it is suitable for most people’s competition. However, racing shoes usually mean in order to pursue the ultimate performance, lighter and faster, it reduces some of the protection and support.

    For top players, their leg muscles are strong enough to support them to complete the entire course at a higher speed wearing these racing shoes. For amateur runners, racing shoes may not provide enough protection and support in the second half of the journey, which will be even more miserable.

    For A marathon, first of all, we need to ensure that it can be completed smoothly. Excessive pursuit of the briskness of equipment may not be correct.

    Usually, for runners who are slower and aim to finish the race safely, they can choose a pair of daily running shoes with relatively light weight and better support as the shoes for competition. Runners who have a certain pursuit of performance and have the strength can choose partial racing shoes specially used for competitions.

    Similarly, never wear new shoes to compete. Before the competition, arrange at least two trial runs of the new shoes, one of which must be at least 15 kilometers away – this is only the minimum requirement. Running shoes with familiar feet are your weapon of competition.

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