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What Is Touch Screen Glove? Differences With Ordinary Gloves

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Because of its novel function, warmth and fashion, the monthly sales volume of “touch screen glove” can reach nearly ten thousand in various boutiques and online sales platforms. However, due to the lack of corresponding product standards and market access threshold, the types, styles and materials of touch screen gloves on the market are different, and the prices range from a few yuan to a few hundred yuan.

In addition to the problems in the conductive yarn of the poor quality touch screen gloves, the knitting technology of textile thread, material and color fastness is also relatively backward. The poor quality touch screen gloves are likely to scratch the mobile phone, and there may be micro electric flow in and damage the peripheral nerves of fingers. So how do consumers choose when they are faced with a full range of touch screen gloves?

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Difference Between Touch Screen Glove and Ordinary glove?

The reason why ordinary gloves can not work on the touch screen is that they are made of thick insulating materials. The finger part of the touch screen glove uses conductive materials, such as conductive yarn, to realize the effective induction current between the finger tip and the screen, so as to achieve the touch screen effect.

Conductive yarn is the core component of touch screen gloves. Therefore, the key of conductive yarn technology is to choose a relatively balanced blending ratio and grasp the critical value of blending.

At present, the conductive yarn used in the contact screen gloves on the market is mainly made of acrylic fiber and metal conductive materials, and cotton, hemp, wool and even cashmere are added to improve the warmth retention and comfort. The high-end touch-screen gloves realize the combination of leather and conductive yarn.

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Corresponding Standard for the Production of Touch Screen Glove

As a new product, there is no relevant product standard for touch screen gloves, which leads to no unified production standard for manufacturers. Manufacturers are also large-scale manufacturers and family workshops coexist.

At present, the labels of touch screen gloves on the market mainly refer to the standards of GB 18401-2010, GB / T 12624-2009, FZ / T 73047-2013 and QB / T 1616-2005.

It can be seen that these standards do not reflect the characteristics of touch screen gloves that should be investigated, such as the quality of conductive yarn, the sensitivity of touch screen, the safety of finger use, the damage to capacitive screen and the warmth retention. Therefore, the market urgently needs to establish the corresponding industry standards to standardize the access standards of the touch screen glove market, so as to make the products of this emerging industry develop continuously and orderly.

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How to Choose Touch Screen Glove?

  • According to the price

The price difference of touch screen gloves is mainly caused by the cost of conductive yarn, and the price difference of different conductive yarn technologies is large. In addition, some high-end touch-screen gloves are added expensive materials such as cashmere or leather such as sheepskin in order to improve the warmth retention, which will also make them expensive. Therefore, consumers should learn more about conductive materials, try to buy products from well-known brands, do not buy touch screen gloves whose price is lower than the average price on the market, and avoid products without production license and after-sales guarantee.

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  • According to the needs of use

If consumers pay attention to fashion and windproof warmth, they can choose leather touch screen gloves, but these gloves can only realize sliding unlocking, dialing and other operations. If you like skiing and other winter outdoor sports, you should consider the choice of multi-functional touch gloves. This kind of gloves are usually made of high-tech composite materials, with conductive wool inside and flexible covering layer that can be put on or taken off outside.

At the same time, they can meet the needs of sports and mobile phones, and achieve good windproof and warm keeping effect, but their operation accuracy is poor. If you use it in daily life, you can choose the common wool touch screen gloves. The price of these gloves is low, usually tens of yuan. Because they can tightly wrap the palm, they have the best precision operation. But there are also some disadvantages, such as easy pilling, not durable enough, single-layer design is not warm enough and so on.

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