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what is special about GORE-TEX fabric4

What is Special about GORE-TEX Fabric

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If you are a fan of outdoor activities, then you must know GORE-TEX, Why do people buy a GORE-TEX jumpsuit when they go to extreme situations? Why do they need GORE-TEX sneakers for wading? Why are  GORE-TEX products so expensive? What are we chasing after GORE-TEX? With that in mind, let’s have a talk about what is special about GORE-TEX fabric.

What is Special about GORE-TEX Fabric?

Gore-tex is a durable, breathable, waterproof, and windproof fabric that can be used in outdoor clothing, footwear, and accessories.

GORE-TEX is actually a material made by laminating a waterproof yet microporous membrane, which can be pressed like a sandwich between the high-performance lining and to face fabric. Thus providing a waterproof, windproof, and highly breathable function.

It breaks through the contradiction between waterproof and breathable, achieves waterproof effect through sealing, and breathable effect through chemical replacement reaction, and has the effect of windproof and warmth.

what is special about GORE-TEX fabric2

How GORE-TEX Works?

The reason GORE-TEX fabric is both waterproof and breathable is listed below.

The GORE-TEX membrane sits between the outer fabric and the inner lining. It allows sweat to escape but is also perfect for wind and water resistance.

Membrane construction:

  • 2-Layer (2L) – Uses a two-layer sandwich of face fabric with the GORE membrane laminated to it on the inside plus a non-laminated lining layer — often mesh, nylon, or microfiber that serves to protect the GORE membrane and create a comfortable feel inside the jacket. GORE-TEX 2L can be paired with insulation and is generally warmer, heavier, and less expensive than 3L or 2.5L versions.
  • 2.5-Layer (2.5L) – Uses a two-layer sandwich of a face fabric with the GORE membrane laminated to it plus a spray-on or printed backer on the inside. This “half layer” on the inside appears almost unnoticeable but adds durability to the membrane. 2.5L GORE-TEX is the lightest of the three traditional GORE waterproof, breathable constructions.
  • Layer (3L) – Uses a full three-layer sandwich of a face fabric+membrane+knit backer — all laminated together. GORE-TEX 3L construction is the classic unlined, uninsulated, high-performance shell design. Despite its three-layer name, it feels like a single layer. It’s the most durable of the three constructions and is lighter than 2L.

what is special about GORE-TEX fabric

The suture is completely sealed by rubber strips to achieve the best windproof and rainproof effect, ensuring that the wearer can always stay dry, comfortable, and free to stretch.

GORE-TEX products use GORE-Seam TAPE and MICRO GORE-Seam TAPE technology. When sewing Gore-Tex fabric into clothing, each tiny pinhole left by the sewing machine needle is completely sealed with a seal. Thus, achieve absolute windproof, rainproof.

The GORE-TEX membrane is breathable through a chemical replacement reaction, which makes it windproof and waterproof, and allows steam to escape smoothly.

GORE-TEX Fabric Performance;


The unique structure of the cloth is made of two different materials, one is the e-PTFE membrane with waterproof characteristics. There are nine billion tiny holes in one square inch of the GORE-TEX membrane. A drop of water is 20,000 times larger than these tiny pores, and water cannot pass through them. In the storm (snow) can still resist rain (snow) entry, to achieve 100% absolute waterproof.

(General waterproof degree of waterproof nylon only 1000-2000mm (water pressure), only withstand general showers; Slightly better 5000mm (water pressure), can withstand heavy rain; The us army standard is only 7000mm (water pressure). GORE-TEX  is 20,000 mm (water pressure).


Each tiny hole is 700 times larger than the sweat molecules of the human body, so sweat can easily pass through the fabric. The specification of air permeability is g/m/24hr (the amount of water vapor per unit area in a fixed period of time). The general waterproof and breathable cloth is only 2000-3000g/m/24hr, while GORE-TEX fabric can breathe up to 8000-10000g/m/24hr!r!


GORE-TEX is protected from cold winds by its irregular arrangement of nine billion tiny pores per square inch.


GORE-TEX fabric can prevent the penetration of pollutants, cosmetics, and oil stains, giving GORE-TEX products long service life.

GORE-TEX Fabric’s influence:

It has rewritten the performance standard of outdoor clothing and become an important event in the history of fabric development.

It has brought a revolutionary breakthrough to human outdoor sports and written a myth in the field of outdoor sports.

GORE-TEX has been listed as one of the 100 Best American products in the world by Fortune magazine due to its outstanding contribution to human society. Nearly all the world’s top outdoor and sportswear brands use Gore-Tex fabric to provide outdoor activities and sports enthusiasts with complete protection. And make them fully enjoy the outdoor activities.

what is so special about GORE-TEX fabric

When to wash GORE-TEX products?

When clothing becomes less waterproof, collar and cuff become dirty, a sign that Gore-Tex needs cleaning. Different to normal women and mens fitness apparel.Dirt can degrade gore-Tex products and damage the lining.

The washing frequency:

Washing depends on the use and should be done frequently if you are outdoors or hiking or skiing often.

Washing steps

Preparation before washing: Close the underarm zipper and the main zipper while unzipping the chest strap. Loosen all the hood cords and open the cuff Velcro.

Laundry detergent and washing machine Settings: Use outdoor special washing liquid (according to the instructions) or household gentle ordinary detergent (without softener), the washing machine can be set according to the normal washing setting, water temperature 20-30℃.

DWR judgment: After washing, if your clothes still have a water-repellent lotus leaf effect on the surface before washing, simply dry them. Otherwise, you need advanced DWR treatment, and then drying.

DWR steps: Tighten all zippers, hang the garment, and spray evenly with DWR water repellant to focus on areas such as hoods, shoulders, backs, cuffs, etc., where the DWR coating is worn due to frequent contact with other equipment

Drying: After cleaning or last night’s DWR treatment, gore-tex can be put into the dryer. Dryer setting according to normal clothes drying design, clothes dry.

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