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    What is Cationic Polyester?

    Cationic polyester is short for cationic dyeable polyester, it is abbreviated as PBT, and some factories are also referred to it as CD. It is a kind of modified polyester fiber, and also a type of dyeable polyester fiber, which can be dyed with cationic dyes at a temperature above 110 degrees. Cationic polyester is essentially an ordinary polyester macromolecule with a small cationic dye reaction link.

    Since cationic polyester will react with cationic dye in the dyeing process, the color fastness of dyed fabric is higher than that of ordinary polyester.

    Cationic fibers and cationic polyester yarn, which look like light-emitting polyester but also have a slight glow when woven into the fabric, are by far the most successful modification of polyester.

    These fibers can be colored with disperse dyes. Compared to ionic dyes, distribute dyes have smaller-sized molecular termination coefficients and lower accumulation residential or commercial properties, so these dyes can not provide deep and brilliant colors.

    cationic fabric and cationic dyeable polyester

    This type of fibers was born likewise to reduce the Tg (glass shift temperature level) of the polymer, 10 ° C lower than typical Polyester fibers, so to get more segmental movement and open polymer structure. Resulting in an increased rate of diffusion of the color in the fiber at a lower temperature level.

    Cationic dyeable polyester vs polyester- 7 differences

    1. The cationic dyed polyester yarn has better hygroscopic performance than conventional polyester yarn.
    2. Ordinary polyester clothes are easy to generate static electricity, while cationic clothes do not.
    3. Compared with common polyester yarn, the cationic polyester yarn has a better anti-pilling performance.
    4. Under the same fabric condition, the cationic feel should be stiff.
    5. The color fastness of cationic polyester is better than that of ordinary polyester, which can be used to produce garments with high color fastness requirements.
    6. Because of the better dyeing performance of cationic fiber, the color of cationic polyester is darker than that of ordinary polyester under the same dyeing condition.
    7. Cationic fabrics can be compared with natural fabrics in terms of wearing comfort and color. And it is lower in price than natural silk, which produces a higher added value.Cationic polyester fabric fitness apparel

    Application Of Cationic Fabric

      1. The cationic fabric has very good water absorption and its dyeing tank difference is relatively small, so it is especially suitable for sports clothes. It is mainly made into interlock fabrics, sweatshirts, compression garments, sweatpants, yoga clothes, fitness apparel, etc. If the cation fabric is thicker and the brushing effect is very good, it can be made into warm clothes, warm pants, etc.
      2. The cationic polyester/spandex jersey is also very environmentally friendly and can be used as an environmentally friendly polyester/spandex fabric.
      3. The cation fabric feels soft and comfortable to wear. At the same time, the color is bright, the effect is similar to natural fabrics, and it has good elasticity and hygienic properties. Therefore, the fabric can be used to make high-end underwear, swimwear and sportswear and other popular cationic cloth.

    Why cationic dyeable polyester is darker than ordinary polyester under the same dyeing condition?

    • Cationic polyester can be dyed with cationic dyes, while ordinary polyester not.
    • Under the same dyeing conditions, the cationic coloring temperature is lower than that of ordinary polyester, because it has a longer dyeing time.
    • Cationic polyester has a lower crystallinity than regular polyester because it is easier to paint.

      What's special for cationic fabric and cationic polyester?
      Two-Tone Effect of Cationic Dyed Polyester Fabric

    5 Benefits of cationic polyester

      1. At 120 ~ 125 ℃, the fabric can go with the cationic dye dyeing level; Polyester must be dyed with disperse dye at 130~135 ℃. Therefore, two kinds of polyester come into being in the formation of two-color fabric (with the exception of medium and light colors).
      2. Due to the great water-absorbing, cationic dyed polyester is suitable for the production of fitness apparel, sportswear, undergarments, etc.
      3. In environmental protection, cationic polyester ammonia cloth is widely used, it can be used as environmental polyester fabric.
      4. The cationic fabric has high wear resistance. The fabrics mixed with cationic polyester, ordinary polyester, spandex, or other artificial fiber fabric, have much higher strength, and better elasticity. Their wear resistance of them is second only to nylon.
      5. Cationic polyester fabrics have some chemical properties, such as corrosion resistance, dilute alkali resistance, and bleaching resistance, as well as some physical properties, such as the ability to resist ultraviolet light.Cationic dyeable polyester fabric - What is Cationic Polyester? - Wholesale Fitness Clothing Manufacturer

    Disadvantages Of Cationic Fabric

    There are basically no shortcomings in cationic fabrics, but the production cost is higher than 100% polyester fabrics, and it is easy to be replaced by yarn-dyed fabrics.

    Price Of Cationic Fabric

    The price of cation fabrics with different parameters varies greatly. The wholesale price of this fabric ranges from more than ten yuan to more than thirty yuan. Therefore, you should ask the sales staff about the price before placing an order.

    Cationic polyester fabric: a good fabric for making fitness apparel

    Dyeing Advantages of Cationic Dyed Polyester

    Cationic modified polyester filament is a new type of polyester product spun by introducing dimethyl isophthalate with polar group SO3Na into polyester chips. Its appearance is no different from that of ordinary polyester filament. However, the adoption of ionic modification, not only greatly improves the fiber’s color absorption performance, but also reduces the crystallinity, making dye molecules easy to penetrate, making the fiber easy to dye, and increasing the color absorption rate and improving the hygroscopicity.

    This kind of fiber not only ensures that cations are easy to dye but also increases the micropores of the fiber and improve the dye uptake, air permeability, and hygroscopicity of the fiber, thus further adapting to the simulated filamentation of polyester fiber; Through silk simulation, the fabric can be soft, breathable, comfortable, antistatic and dyeable at normal temperature and pressure. Cation-modified multifunctional wool-like fabric can make the fabric soft to the touch, anti-static, anti-pilling, and co-dyeing with wool at normal temperature and pressure.

    The fabric woven with modified cationic polyester fiber has the following characteristics when dyed with cationic dyes:
    1. Bright color and good deep dyeing;
    2. High exhaustion rate (high dye uptake rate);
    3. Good fastness to sunlight and smoke fading;
    4. Good dye compatibility during color matching dyeing;
    5. Good stability in high-temperature dyeing bath;
    6. The contamination to other fibers including ordinary polyester fiber is small;
    7. The diffusion rate into the fiber is fast, and there is no ring dyeing phenomenon;
    8. When the pH value changes in the dyeing bath, the dye has high stability. The fabric is comparable to natural fabrics in terms of wearing comfort, dyeing vividness, etc., and lower in price than natural silk, which can produce high added value.

    Development prospect of cationic polyester

    With the improvement of people’s consumption level and the popularization of textile knowledge, people will pay more attention to the experience and responsibility of products in the future. For example, whether the product is environmental protection, whether it is comfortable, or whether it can bring a sense of existence to their hearts.

    Cationic polyester has a very good prospect in the field of fitness clothing and underwear production. Our R&D department will invest energy and money to develop and customize more functional cationic products for worldwide customers.

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