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    What Is Acrylic Fiber? Good to Make Mountaineering Clothes!

    What Is Acrylic Fiber?

    Acrylic fiber, whose scientific name is polyacrylonitrile fiber, is a fiber made by spinning acrylonitrile as the main monomer (content greater than 85%) and a small amount of other monomers. Its main feature is that it resembles wool in appearance, feel, elasticity, and warmth, so it is called “synthetic wool”. Acrylic fiber has a wide range of uses, abundant raw materials, and rapid development. It is now one of the three major synthetic fibers, and its output is second only to polyester and nylon.

    Acrylic fiber is a synthetic fiber like polyester and nylon. It is a common material in the wool spinning industry, especially in the production of artificial wool. Wool fabrics are expensive, not everyone can consume them, and all aspects of artificial wool made of acrylic fiber are very similar to wool, so artificial wool made of acrylic fiber can replace wool to a certain extent. Acrylic fiber is very suitable for making mountaineering clothes and some types of custom workout clothing!

    What Is Acrylic Fiber: Advantages of Acrylic Fabric

    Although the abrasion resistance of acrylic fiber ranks lower among synthetic fibers, it is much stronger than natural fibers. Acrylic fabrics are lighter in quality, and clothes made of them will not feel heavy after being worn. At the same time, the fabrics have good stability and are not prone to deformation.

    Acrylic fabric is very soft to the touch and has good warmth retention. Clothes made of it are not only resistant to corrosion, but also resistant to mildew and insects. The fabric is light and heat resistant, and it is not easy to damage the fabric when exposed to the sun, so it will be easier and more worry-free in maintenance and care.

    Acrylic fiber is widely used and can be blended with other fibers. It can be used in the production of jackets, pajamas and home clothes. In addition, acrylic fiber is affordable and can be used as a substitute for natural fabrics.

    Acrylic fiber is a lighter fabric among synthetic fiber fabrics, second only to polypropylene fiber, so it is a good light clothing material that can be used to make mountaineering clothes, winter warm clothing, etc.

    What Is Acrylic Fiber: Disadvantages of Acrylic Fabric

    Acrylic fabric has poor hygroscopicity, is easy to stain, and feels stuffy when worn.

    The abrasion resistance of acrylic fabric is the worst among various synthetic fabrics.

    Not resistant to alkali: The breathability of chemical fiber fabrics is not good, and acrylic fiber is no exception. Acrylic fiber is not resistant to alkali, so it is recommended to use a neutral detergent when washing. Acrylic fiber fabric is also prone to pilling. It is best to avoid frequent friction during daily wear.

    What Is Acrylic Fiber: Application of Acrylic Fabric

    Acrylic fiber is fluffy and soft, light in weight, warm, easy to wash and dry, not afraid of insects and mildew, suitable for knitting sweaters, acrylic blankets, and can also be processed into artificial fur. Acrylic fiber has high light fastness and is suitable for making outdoor fabrics. However, it has poor abrasion resistance and alkali resistance. Do not scrub hard when washing, and do not use soap or detergent that is too alkaline.

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