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    What Do Our Technicians Need to Know Before Making A Seamless Knitted Sample?

    If you have decided to let ChinaFitnessClothing turn your seamless knitting design ideas into reality, you may wonder: What information does our technicians need to make a sample that meets your requirements?

    Prior to making the samples, you might have a Tech Pack sent out over. You can also send us a Rough Draft or just some pictures that reflect your design concept. After getting the tech packs, our technicians should examine whether it satisfies the seamless clothing manufacturing needs.

    Generally speaking, technicians need to know the following 4 points.

    Point #1

    They will look at what materials are utilized. The common materials are Nylon, Polyester, Spandex, Cotton, etc. Seamless knitted materials are usually less than 12% of spandex (elastane). If the spandex material surpasses 15%, it might be a Bare Elastane Item or Cut & Sew Item, or it might not be made by seamless knitting technology.

    Point #2

    They will take a look at the structures or patterns on each part of the fabric and the sewing method. These require to have clear images or original samples. Some styles have disparities between the jacquard effect and the real result, and even more interaction with the visitors is needed. Some jacquards can not be attained, and the styles require to be additionally customized.

    Point #3

    In the meanwhile, the technicians will look at the size chart, whether the size of each part satisfies seamless manufacturing standards, such as chest width, hip-width size, middle length size, waistband size if they vary too much, and crotch size. There is likewise whether the size grading guidelines are affordable.

    If you don’t have a size chart, don’t worry. They will provide you with reference size tables of various countries and regions for your reference.

    Point #4

    An extensive and all-sided evaluation is needed. Such as there might be any issues in knitting and dyeing, and there might be issues with sewing. We begin the tasting if there are no issues.

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