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The collocation of Mens'short sleeves

The Collocation of Mens’short Sleeves

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Short sleeves are indispensable to men’s wardrobe in summer, so how to match men’s short sleeves? Below introduce the collocation of a few men’s short sleeves, hope to be helpful to you who also focus on collocation.

The collocation of Mens’short sleeves

1. Gray short sleeves with black sweatpants

Black sweatpants are more comfortable, casual pants, and very slim, with gray short sleeves, which looks stylish and handsome

the collocation of mens' short sleeves
2. Blue and white stitching short sleeves which jeans

This blue and white stitching short sleeve is more personalized, trendy, with light jeans, which feel casual and stylish.

The collocation of Mens'short sleeves

3. Grey short sleeves with off-white printed shorts

Gray shorts are a very fashionable style of clothing, there should be a grey short sleeve in every men’s wardrobe, with a pair of off-white printed shorts, it couldn’t be more stylish.

The collocation of Mens'short sleeves

4. Beige short sleeve with green casual pants

This military green casual pant is very casual pant. It is very appropriate to match light-colored short sleeves, such as the beige short sleeves in the picture.

The collocation of Mens'short sleeves

5. Black short sleeves with white shorts

The combination of black and white is very classic, this black short sleeve is very classic, and it is also very handsome with a pair of white shorts.

The collocation of Mens'short sleeves

6.Striped short sleeves with black sweatpants

Striped clothes are a must-have item in a man’s wardrobe. Match with a pair of black sweatpants to complete a stylish look.

the collocation of men's short sleeves

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