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    Is It Bad to Wear Sports Bra All the Time? 2 Disadvantages of Sports Bra

    Is It Bad to Wear Sports Bra All the Time?

    Is it bad to wear sports bra all the time? The original intention of the birth of the sports bra is to prevent female breasts from being hurt during exercise. Due to the inertia of the movement, girls will constantly sway and rub their chests during exercise, causing discomfort to girls and even unnecessary strains on the chest. Girls with big breasts have more experience.

    Therefore, the main function of a sports bra is to wear comfortably, ventilate and dry quickly, and resist shock and reduce friction. The side straps of a sports bra are wider, there is no steel ring, and the shoulder straps are much wider. It looks like a small vest. It can tighten your chest tightly without being burdensome during exercise.

    Sports bras cannot be worn for a long period of time. Sports bras are mainly designed to fix the chest during exercise, resist earthquakes, and have a negative pressure design, which means that the chest is compressed. When buying sports bras, the cups of sports bras are usually one size smaller than ordinary ordinary bras. For normal blood circulation and smooth breath, long-term wearing is not recommended.

    Especially nowadays sports bras are very good-looking, and many fashionable girls like to wear sports bras outside. But how to wear a sports bra better?

    You Definitely Need to Wear Sports Bra When Exercising

    Is it bad to wear sports bra all the time? The breast is made up of breast lobules and duct system, skin fat, and ligaments connected in between. Movement under external forces is very sensitive and easily causes contusions. During exercise, especially vigorous running, jumping, playing badminton, tennis, etc., the shaking of the breast can cause damage to the breast and ligaments.

    Research shows that the breast swing can reach 14cm in strenuous exercise. Even for women with cup A, the breast swing can reach 4cm in the intensity test.

    Therefore, in the movement, sports bra is very necessary, to the breast can play a shock absorption, support, avoid shaking. And the quick-drying material can effectively absorb moisture and sweat, so as to achieve the effective protection of the breast in the movement.

    Is It Bad to Wear Sports Bra All the Time: Disadvantages of Sports Bra

    Is it bad to wear sports bra all the time? If you wear a bra as a daily bra, it’s not the perfect choice.

    1. Sports bra is usually pressed on the breast in one piece, which has strong binding force and pressure on the breast and chest, so it is not suitable for daily Bra .

    2. Material of sports bra: in order to achieve the effect of quick drying and perspiration, sports bra is mostly made of polyester, Lycra and other materials, which is not suitable for long-term contact with nipples and breasts.

    Can You Wear Sports bra at Ordinary Times?

    Is it bad to wear sports bra all the time? “Sports” bra is naturally designed for the specific environment of sports, so it is definitely not suitable for daily wear. In fact, even when it comes to sports, I don’t agree with wearing this kind of bra for big breasted girls. The reasons are as follows:

    1. Affect the appearance. Sports bra has no steel ring, only high elastic cloth wrapped, in this way, born as D or higher cup breast can only be forced back to the chest, but after all, the big chest meat, big plate can’t be as close as the small chest, and can’t stretch naturally according to the original chest shape, so artificial distortion, its appearance is certainly not natural, not beautiful. Not to mention showing women’s unique curvilinear beauty. Let the beauty and advantage of the original big chest disappear, it’s really outrageous!

    2. Affect the development of the chest. For a long time, it not only affected blood circulation, but also easily caused chest tightness, panic and chest deformation.  Sports bra is only a compulsory oppression of the breast, so that it can not move; and the bra with steel ring is tailored to limit a range, supporting the free movement of the breast in this range.

    What’s the Effect of Not Wearing Sports Bra ?

    Is it bad to wear sports bra all the time? The answer is YES. Although we usually don’t wear sports bra as ordinary bra, it’s necessary to wear sports bra during sports.

    A woman’s chest is made up of slimming tissue and fat. Without muscle tissue, relying on itself can not play a supporting role. So when you move, there is a lot of shaking. After stretching, your chest will slowly droop. Wearing ordinary bra can reduce the vibration by 38%, but wearing professional bra can reduce it to 74%.

    The ordinary bra emphasizes more on modifying the chest curve, while the sports bra with special structure design has stronger fixation and support force, which can give certain support and protection to the chest during movement. On the one hand, it can reduce the degree of breast shaking during movement, on the other hand, it can reduce the damage caused by friction of clothing to the nipple.

    In addition, many sports functions are considered in the design of sports bra, which can provide people with free and comfortable conditions, without limiting movement, so that people can stretch flexibly and freely. High quality sports bra also has quick drying function, good air permeability, more moisture absorption, to keep the body surface dry and clean, keep the chest skin healthy.

    Do You Have to Wear Sports Bra for Non-Strenuous Exercise?

    Is it bad to wear sports bra all the time? Some people think, “I never do strenuous exercise. Do I need a professional sports bra?”. Experts say that maybe you just do a static stretch, but the chest may be over stretched in the process. Sports bras can avoid the embarrassment of bra running caused by the slip of shoulder strap, the upward movement of steel bracket, and the drop of buckle caused by strenuous exercise.

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