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    How to store winter jackets in summer?

    As the temperature gradually drops, the cold weather has quietly arrived. When you rummage for thick clothes but fail to find a coat that can be worn at once,are you worried about how to store winter jackets in summer? Don’t worry, today we will share some practical storage skills to help you store your winter jackets.

    how to store winter jackets in summer

    First of all, we need to classify all the jackets according to the material.

    Check whether there are stains on the coats, and be sure to clean them before storing them,otherwise,it will breed bacteria and easily cause the winter coats to turn yellow and discolor. This time we will talk about the cleaning and maintenance of parkas and down jackets.

    Cleaning details of Parka jackets

    The surface of most parka jackets is coated with Teflon, to protect it, remember not to iron at high temperatures, and scrub it with a clean rag unless it is particularly dirty.

    If it is necessary to clean, a small amount of neutral detergent (excluding softener) should be put in warm water below 40℃, which can be washed by hand or machine.

    Many heavy kackets like hard-shell jackets can be machine-washed. Choose a front-mounted drum washing machine and mild detergent. (See the washing label for details.)

    Then hang the clothes in the shade to dry instead of wringing them out to avoid sun exposure, or use a dryer to dry them at moderate temperature for 40-50 minutes.

    Storage and maintenance methods of Parka jackets

    When storing the parkas, you can hang them in a ventilated place with wide shoulder hanger, and it is best not to stack them in the wardrobe or with ordinary clothes, which will make the parkas covered with clothing lines and lose their sense of straightness, and it will easily wear the pleated parts, thus affecting the air permeability and waterproof performance of the parkas.

    It is suggested that DWR anti-splash agents (such as brand NIKWAX and GRANGERS) can be used regularly to repair and maintain the anti-splash properties of parkas. For example, spray the water repellent once after washing three times, which is more conducive to protecting the waterproof coating and giving full play to the functionality of the parkas.

    down jackets

    Cleaning details of down jackets

    Wash down jackets as little as possible, and wipe them locally if they are not dirty.

    If you do want to clean it, you need to soak it in warm water below 40℃ with special laundry detergent for 20 minutes, wash the dirty parts by hand with a sponge block or a soft brush first, and then put them into the washing machine in a gentle mode (this can only be done if the washing label is marked as machine washable).

    After washing, lay it flat in a dry and ventilated place, and then hang it to dry for 2-3 days. Do not expose it to the sun.

    You can also pat down the down coat gently to make it fluffy again.

    Storage and maintenance methods of down jackets

    When storing, wrap it with breathable items (such as sorting bags), fold it and store it in a dry wardrobe. Be careful not to put heavy objects on it. Mothballs should not be used for down jackets, and several packages of moisture-proof powder (quicklime) can be placed.

    When the rainy season is coming, you can take out the down jacket and dry it in the sun to prevent mildew. If mildew spots are found, you can immediately wipe them with cotton pads dipped in alcohol and ammonia water, then wipe them with clean wet towels many times, and store them properly after drying thoroughly.

    Warm winter jackets are always more expensive, and it is necessary to pay attention to follow-up maintenance after storage, to extend the service life of winter coats.

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