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    how to make gym clothing

    How To Make Gym Clothes?

    Many garment industry practitioners who are not engaged in front-line production do not know the process of garment production. If you are one of them, please follow the camera to see the whole process of how to make gym clothes!

    First of all, the beginning of the process is raw material: cloth.

    how to make gym clothing

    The cloth transported back from the cloth factory is put in the warehouse and must be inspected first.

    As for cloth inspection, each factory will have a standard. If the cloth failed the standard, the whole batch of cloth will be returned or the cloth supplier will have to rework it. After the cloth inspection, if the cloth is OK, it will be sent to the steam machine for air and loose to maintain the stability of the cloth area. For some special cloth, if it is not cut directly after 72 hours of loose cloth time, the size deviation will be very large. For general cloth, it is laid flat for 24 hours.

    After the loose cloth is OK, it can be cut. First of all, pull the cloth by machine.

    After the loose cloth is OK, it can be cut. First of all, pull the cloth by machine.


    This is an “automatic cutting bed”. The cloth is cut by an automatic cutting bed and prepared for fitness apparel.

    This is "automatic cutting bed".

    After the cloth is cut, there will be a department, which is specially responsible for matching pieces and checking whether there is a problem with the cut cloth. If there is a problem, it will be directly checked out to facilitate the following process.

    Secondly, the cloth is sent to the ironing department. This is an “ironing machine”, ironing semi-finished products.


    If there are patterned colors, they are usually sent to the pattern workmanship first, depending on the process. Some are semi-finished products and sent to embroidery.

    The below picture shows the embroidery with a computer machine.

    电脑车花 - How To Make Gym Clothes? - Wholesale Fitness Clothing Manufacturer

    Once a garment is finished, it can be sent to the workshop for sewing. Like most crew-neck T-shirts today, it’s all tied up directly, which shows the craftsmanship. If it is not symmetrical, the collar will be skewed, which influences the beauty of the thread.

    how to make gym clothes

    This is the “seaming machine”, to prevent loose edges.

    seaming machine

    The below picture shows the buttonholing machine.

    button holing machine

    button holing machine

    And buttoning machine for fitness apparel button sewing below:



    This is doing “thread blower”. After checking the clothes, the shirt with no problem will be cut and sent to the thread blower to blow off the thread.

    "thread blower"

    After going through all the processes above, the clothes must be wrinkled. Then the next process, ironing clothes, ironing clothes to smooth, and the factory must meet the size requirements of the guests.

    ironing2 - How To Make Gym Clothes? - Wholesale Fitness Clothing Manufacturer

    This is a part of the “packaging workshop”. After packaging all clothes that without quality problems,should be brought here.

    package workshop

    This is “packaged garments”, and then packed into boxes, ready for shipment.


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