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    how to maintain yoga clothes

    How to Maintain Yoga Clothes

    Yoga clothes are essential for daily fitness. How to maintain yoga clothes is also very important. Below are some points we should pay attention to.

    How to maintain yoga clothes while washing:

    First of all

    The women’s fitness clothes and new yoga clothes must be gently washed with water floating color. there is no necessary to use washing powder and other detergents. Clothes have fixed agents, washing can strengthen dyeing so that the fixed color agent is more stable.


    Pay special attention not to directly wear unwashed yoga clothes to go to high-temperature yoga. Lots of sweat will break down the fixative in the clothes and cause the clothes to fade. what’s more, when practicing yoga, with pores open the color from the clothes can easily invade into skins, which is bad for body health. After a lot of sweat, please clean as soon as possible to dry or maintain ventilation.


    As for daily cleaning, the best way is cold water hand washing. The highest water temperature shouldn’t exceed 30℃. If a washing machine is used, please put the laundry bag into the washing bag first and wash it on the reverse side. Gentle washing is recommended.


    Be sure to separate dark and light color washing; Do not soak for a long time;1-2 minutes is enough.  It is best to use color protection or underwear detergent. Do not put in a hot and humid place, do not add bleach water, fluffy agent, or any other detergent containing bleach ingredients or softening agent; And lay flat and dry as soon as possible after cleaning.


    The fabrics of yoga are very professional and high-end, the more high-end yoga clothing fabric, the less excessive fixed agent (such as formaldehyde) is used.  so there will be a little rub off when washing, especially for the first time. As long as the clothes are dried and there is no mottle, then it is fine.

    How to maintain yoga clothes while ironing:

    Yoga clothes can be used for ironing, but the temperature should be controlled, and use thin cotton cloth as the lining

    About save and hang:

    When Yoga clothes are not worn, you’d had better use hangers to hang up, remember to put them above other clothes lest crush their flatten wrinkle, affect beautiful.

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