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how much do leggings weigh

How Much do Leggings Weigh

Whether you prefer aerobic or anaerobic exercise. Without a pair of workout leggings, a successful workout is never completed. Some seamless leggings manufacturers have designed leggings in terms of styles, color, fabrics. Therefore, each legging has a unique feature.

Also, different leggings are not the same in weight. Let’s read on to check how much do leggings weigh to ship.

How Much Do A Pair of leggings Weigh?


First, it depends on the brands

we start with the brand. Take ECHT and Gymshark as examples. Now let’s weigh the leggings under the two brands.

The thickness of the fabric used in ECHT’s conventional products is 350 GSM (gram square meter). The single piece in size S of a certain style under the ECHT brand weighs 233 g, the weight of a single piece of S size under the Gymshark brand is about 208 grams.

how much do leggings weigh

Second, it depends on the fabrics

Therefore, the second factor that affects the weight of leggings is the fabric, which is most important.  Different leggings made from different fabrics weigh different. Nylon and polyester are commonly used in the market to manufacture leggings. Under the same conditions (thickness and size of the material), leggings made from polyester are 8% lighter than those made from nylon. Of course, there are leggings made from a mixture of these two materials, and they weigh between those made from pure nylon and pure polyester.

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Third, it depends on the sizes

However, the leggings of the same brand, style, and fabric, but in different sizes, their weight will also be different. Even if the leggings of the same size have slightly different weights due to tolerances. Not to mention leggings in different sizes.

The measurement between the two sizes is different.  For example, an L size Leggings is 4cm(=1.57inch) longer than an S size Leggings on waist width. Not just waist width, but also an outer leg, inner leg length, hip-width, etc. These measurement gaps make leggings manufacturers use different amounts of fabrics when manufacturing leggings of the same style and different sizes.

In summary, most of the leggings weigh from 0.4lb ~ 0.7lb in the imperial system; 0.2kg ~0.35kg in the metric system. But the weight of yoga pants can vary by brand, fabric, and size.

For shipping or transportation, 1pc of leggings weigh can be estimated as 0.35kg/ or 0.7lb including outer bag.

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