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Top 14 China Sportswear Manufacturers

List of 14 Sportswear Manufacturers in China

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If you’re considering starting a business from small and dream it big. It is wise, to begin with, your startups by investing in inventory from the Chinese market. In this blog, we will provide Top 14 Activewear Manufacturers in China for your athletic clothing line.

Sportswear, or Activewear manufacturers in China, is a title that can be applied to producers of a wide array of China activewear. They are normally textiles manufacturers specialized in certain product categories, for example, Compression Wear, Hiking & Outdoor, Hiking & Outdoor, Swimwear, seamless wear. Also, there are custom fitness apparel manufacturers offering customized services.

Below Follows List of 14 Sportswear Manufacturers in China for Startups:



MAISHI GROUP CO. LTD, is the best China sportswear factory in Haining, founded in 1197, it is located in Zhejiang Province, China. Maishi group Clothing is the first one in the market to introduce smooth knitting tools from Italy’s Santoni, which led to the great advancement of the seamless fashion industry in Haining.

The sportswear manufacturer has a plant covering 11,000 square meters and about 300 staff working together, owns 65 sets of the globe’s most advanced smooth knitting machines and produces an annual production of 1.2 million. As one-of-a-kind as well as dependable sportswear OEM/ODM brand,

In order to assist in the export of items as well as the import of the most recent high-end innovations and also tools, China Fitness Clothing has developed its very own import and export business. Greater than 95% of the business’s products are exported to international countries. With an innovative “Worriless Production” service, secure item high quality, as well as strong process development capacities, She has gotten unanimous appreciation from clients around the world. It has been selected as an ODM/OEM supplier by popular international brands such as Gymshark, Lululemon, Forever21, Lining, Kmart, Justice, and Jordan.

Top 14 Sportswear Manufacturers in China
China sportswear factory


Contact email:

Primary product:

Blank fitness apparel wholesale

Seamless clothing wholesale

Womens fitness wholesale

Mens fitness wholesale

Custom sportswear

Athletic socks wholesale


2,Yotex Apparel Co., Ltd.

As one of the fast-growing sportswear and activewear factories in China, Yotex Apparel Co., Ltd, was founded in 2015, also offers ODM&OEM one-stop full package service. It has two basements, one is in Shanghai and the other one is in Fujian province in China( mainly working as a factory).  They had good cooperation with customers are around the US, CA, and Europe.


Contact email:

Primary Product:

Sports Jackets and hoodies


Leggings and bras


3,Dongguan Humen Xinfu Garment Factory

Established in 2009, being a wholesale sportswear manufacturer and supplier and also company, Dongguan Humen Xinfu Garment Factory offers wholesale sportswear in addition to physical fitness clothing.

The manufacturing facility has a proficient administration team along with strong example innovation abilities, which guarantee you a superior high quality of items, from resources to product packaging, each web link is reviewed by QC group to apply high-quality criteria to assure the exceptional top quality of items.

Today, Xinfu has around 100 employees, with clients in the USA, England, Germany, Pacific, offering hundreds of independent brand sportswear endeavors as well as designer brand names.

Top 14 China Sportswear Manufacturers


Contact email:

Primary product:

Sports bra and yoga pants

Sports sweat t-shirts

Running tank tops

Sports hoodies& jackets



Bike shorts


4,Dongguan Aika Apparel

Dongguan Aika Apparel is a company that has a factory covering an area of 2,000-3,000 square meters, and over 150 employees. They now offer products for exterior and interior sporting activities. And they have established business relationships with people in the US, Canada, Europe, as well as Australia.


Contact email:

Primary product:

Sports Hoddies

Gym t-shirts and jackets

Workout Tanks

yoga bras and leggings

Tennis skirts


5,Guangzhou Ingor Sportswear

INGOR sportswear Co., Ltd is founded in 2009, situated in Guangzhou, China. It is a swiftly emerging sportswear manufacturer whose productions are suitable for males, women as well as kids. That is a huge and wide range of products.

The sportswear manufacturer uses technology, layout as well as additionally craft to advance business treatment, while staying to leader market requirements of likewise ecological as well as social responsibility in the office.

Top 14 China Sportswear Manufacturers


Contact email:

Primary product:

Tennis series

Sports bra


Yoga clothing





6,Shenzhen Hongxinqi Clothing Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Hongxinqi Clothing Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that can design, produce and sell clothing. As a professional sportswear manufacturer in China, mainly in doing golf sportswear clothing. They provide a wide range of clothing to choose from, using various kinds of fabrics like quick-drying fabrics, moisture-wicking UV fabrics,etc.

Website: not mention

Contact phone number: 86-755-61596560

Primary product:

Golf T-shirts

Outdoor sports T-shirts

Casual shirts

Golf-specific wind raincoats


7,Fashion Norway Technology Share Co., Ltd.

Fashion Norway Technology Share Co., Ltd. is a top-ranking manufacturer specialized in designing, developing, and producing knitted cut & sew activewear with a capacity of 600~900 styles monthly. Also, it is a well-certificated company and owns GRS, WRAP, SA 8000, BSCI, Okemo-Tex 100, ISO 14001, ISO 9001 certifications.

Top 14 China Sportswear Manufacturers


Contact email:

Primary product:

Yoga bras & tops

Yoga shirts & leggings

High-waisted yoga pants & capris


8,Xiamen Winsport Corporation

Xiamen Winsport Corporation is a china sportswear factory established in 1997, it mainly focuses on OEM and ODM services for winter outdoor sportswear, for example, clothing for skiing, trekking, and hiking usage. What’s more, Xiamen is a city near Guangzhou, which is very convenient for you to visit and attend trade fairs when the world gets rid of Covid19.

Website: not mention

Contact email: not mention

Primary product:

Softshell jackets

Down jackets

Fleece jackets

Hybrid jackets





9,Dongguan Uga Fashion

Dongguan Uga Fashion Co., Ltd. is an expert & trustworthy sportswear manufacturer in China.

With over 8 years experience in doing exporting business. They have full knowledge in this manufacturing sportswear that can comprehend your requirements while offering you recommendations during the process of manufacturing clothing. The company focus on the quality and clients in the entire production, with the QC of the company examining every process, they assure you everything is on the right roads.

Top 14 China Sportswear Manufacturers


Contact email:

Product category:

Tank tops and shirts

Women sport bra

Women shorts

Women sweatpants

Men’s shorts

Men’s sweatpants

Polo shirts


10,Wujiang Sunfeng Textile

Wujiang Sunfeng Textile Co., Ltd. is located in Jiangsu Province, which is a famous silk town, and a place that boots abundant textile. Holding this advantage in textile scouring. This sports clothing manufacturer in China has independent research and development department that can provide you with professional production.

They are well qualified and certificated sportswear manufacturer as well as a company with ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, Oeko-Tex Standard100, and TUV certification, and has six patents.

Also, the company has several subsidiaries that are strong enough to be your backup.


Contact email:

Top 14 China Sportswear Manufacturers

Primary Products:

Hardshell jacket

Softshell jacket



Snowboarding jacket

Sailing jacket


11,D&J Garment Co., Ltd.

D&J Garment was among those sportswear manufacturers in China developed in 1995 firstly as a Women’s Garment Manufacturer in Guangzhou. Over 20 years of experience concentrating on average and also high top quality style brand names, this china sportswear manufacturer had actually been dealing with brand names as well as customers from Europe or North America, for instance, TOBI, QUIZ, FORMAT, as well as DABUWAWA.

The area of the company is close to the largest textile market in China– ZhongDa Fabric Market, which provides the benefit to resource some warm trending devices as well as materials to develop brand-new style designs. Holding this location advantage, the company offers you chances to make examples quickly and embrace rapid style modifications.


Contact Emails:

Primary products:


Jackets & Coats

Knitwear & Cardigan


Playsuits & Jumpsuits


12,Jing QI Apparel

This is a Chinese sportswear manufacturer that specializes in Golf apparel. Golf is an activity that integrates physical exercise with nature. This sport requires you to concentrate and put aside all other thoughts to play ball, which can relieve psychological pressure and relax your spirit.

While Jingqi Apparel is an expert golf clothing producer in China, developed in 2003, With rich information in manufacturing the production series of golf garments, this china sportswear manufacture has actually been recognized as excellent personalized apparel customed with passed many third-party audits. The manufacturing facilities they have: 250 automated devices including automated cutting, embroidery, pattern production, electronic printing, pocket open and also switch opening machine respectively.

Top 14 China Sportswear Manufacturers



Primary products:

golf wear

yoga exercise wear

sporting activities wear

Other physical fitness wear


13,Jinjiang Well Rise Garment Co., Ltd

Jinjiang Well Rise Garment Co., Ltd was founded in 2015, while the whole team worked together as one of the sportswear manufacturers in China since 2003, till now, it has more than 18years of experience in sportswear manufacture industry field.

The company aims to provide efficient services during the whole process to reduce the trade cost. They have a department of design, which means it can help customer design, most of the companies usually request clients to send over a tech pack. While, here, they have their own designer. As well as sales departments and shipping department as a whole to guarantee the fast response, high-efficiency process from the beginning till the end.

Top 14 China Sportswear Manufacturers


Contact emails:

Primary products:

Active sports bra

Active sports leggings

Active sports t-shirts

Active sports pants

Active sports sweater

14,BD Seamless Clothing Co., Ltd

BD Seamless Clothing Co., Ltd is rather than a China sportswear factory that provides seamless clothing & fitness clothing.

For more than 20 years, this china sportswear manufacturer focus on developing its ability in manufacturing. Always updating equipment constantly to offer a better product for customers.

As one of the most reliable OEM/ODM brand seamless activewear suppliers, they offer you whole fitness Clothing service, such as logo printing service and customized package and private wash label or size label as well as hangtags if you need, most importantly, with favorable prices and low order quantity.

Top 14 China Sportswear Manufacturers


Contact Emails:

Primary products:

Seamless sports bra

Seamless crop top

Seamless yoga pants

Seamless boxer briefs

Seamless base layer

Seamless t-shirts

Compression clothing

Seamless socks


How to Choose the Right China Activewear Manufacturer?

When choosing an activewear manufacturer in  China, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Competitive price: nobody won’t love to buy goods at a competitive price no matter you own a big company or just running a small startup. Working with those who provide favorable prices will help you save costs.
  • Low MOQ: Also, this really means if you are a startup, buying various products to expand your market is beneficial to your business.
  • Good quality: if without good quality then, the above two factors become pointless.
  • Factory or companys experience in making activewear: It will save you many worries when working with sophisticated technicians.
  • Fast- turnaround: a company with strong capability will ensure you fast delivery after you finish the payment.
  • Customized service: above factors we are listing are the basic elements for choosing an activewear supplier, then this one is pluses. With customized services offered, you become lazy since they help you do all the things.
  • After-sales guarantee: reply to emails within 24 hours to ensure punctual delivery

How to Identify Whether a China Sportswear Factory is Suitable for Your Business?

Many sportswear buyers and wholesalers have a headache, that is, they finally find a sportswear factory willing to take orders, but they don’t know whether it is reliable or not! This problem seems very troublesome, but if you look carefully, you can still see something fishy.

1. Professionalism of the factory

The level of specialization and processing cost of China activewear factories that focus on making first-class clothes are within an acceptable range. If a garment processing factory has just opened, its own scale is not large, and all kinds of orders are contracted, including down jackets, jeans, and leather garments, then it is hard to believe how much professionalism it can accumulate in the garment industry, and the probability of rework at the end of delivery is very high.

2. Look at the boss’s honesty

The integrity of the boss is also a key indicator to measure the quality of a factory. Before cooperating with the factory, you must first check the boss’s honesty. If you want to know the boss’s honesty, find out through the network or acquaintances to see if the boss or the company has any bad records. If the boss has any bad records, you must not cooperate and try to avoid them. Otherwise, all kinds of problems will easily appear.

Find sportswear manufacturers in China
Tailor bending over a workbench cutting fabric on which a pattern has been stencilled in a large spacious industrial workshop
3. Does the factory have the ability to develop new models?

If a factory changes styles frequently, it usually means that the new ability of this factory is stronger, the workers’ skills are better, and the delivery time is faster. However, if the factory rarely changes styles, there are two possibilities. One is that this China sportswear factory is only a contract factory, which is only responsible for processing, and does not have the ability to print editions alone. Another possibility is that the number of orders accepted by this factory is close to saturation, and there is a stable source of orders, so it is too late to update the styles. Pay attention to screening when cooperating.

4, Look at the factory standardization process and scale

Scale is also an indicator to examine manufacturers, because to some extent, scale is benefit. To find out the scale of a factory, we can start from two aspects, one is the production scale, such as the site area, the number of people in the factory, the number of machines equipped, etc., and the other is whether the production process is fine.

5. Look at the staffing of the factory

If the factory has too many staff, or adopts the organizational structure of “one radish and one pit”, it may look formal, but the management cost will also be greatly increased. When quoting, the factory will add the management cost of human power, so the quotation of orders is naturally more expensive than that of peers. However, if one factory has more posts, it can’t cooperate, especially the position of quality control. Many factories are reducing this position. The quality of products is closely related to the boss’s quality control consciousness.

6. Look at the liquidity of garment factories

The operators did not follow the correct operation sequence, frequently had poor quality, everything went to the manual repair project every time, and the factory area was badly set up, resulting in a great change in the flow of products. Then there must be something wrong with the assembly line management of this factory. Not only can the delivery time not be guaranteed, but the goods may also have quality problems. Do not cooperate or try not to cooperate.

When choosing better sportswear manufacturers in China, you must consider the above factors, so that you can get a stronger backing in the process of cooperation. After all, choosing a suitable processing factory will have a great impact on the subsequent sales, at least when problems arise, they can be handled properly by mutual cooperation.

Types of activewear manufacturers in China.jpg

What Kind of Activewear Manufacturers in China is A Good Partner?

There are three types of China activewear factory will be suitable for your future business.

1. The quality of the sportswear products provided is excellent, which is the premise of long-term cooperation. Only when the products are excellent can the engineering quality and safety be guaranteed.

2. Honesty and trustworthiness, no fraud, no deception to partners, one word and one word, can make partners feel at ease, make payments on time according to the agreement, and protect the rights and interests of activewear partners.

3. After-sales service is considerate. After the activewear are provided, whether there are problems with the products or customers have questions, they can respond and solve them in time to solve the worries of customers.

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