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    10 Tips to Improve Production Efficiency of Garment Factory

    How to improve production efficiency of garment factory? Production efficiency is an important attribute of garment manufacturing enterprises. For the problems affecting production efficiency, we should pay attention to and avoid them, and actively coordinate resources, so that enterprises can run orderly and improve production efficiency.

    Factors Affecting Production Efficiency

    • Frequent changes in product processing technology

    The product processing technology standards should not change for a period of time. The standards should be simple, convenient and easy to understand. The information that employees can use easily is an important factor in maintaining product efficiency and quality stability. Especially in the form of assembly line operation, it is necessary to divide a post into several tiny actions, reduce the probability of error, and improve the overall level of performance.

    • The quality of the production process is unstable, and rework or repair occurs frequently

    The stability of the production system is a necessary condition to ensure efficiency.

    • There are too many emergency orders or temporary orders, and the production plan changes frequently

    There are too many temporary production orders, which will have different degrees of impact on “human, machine, material and method”.

    • Machine failure in production workshop, long maintenance time

    Equipment failure during the production period will result in damage to the processing schedule, which in turn will affect the overall plan implementation efficiency. The daily maintenance of equipment is indispensable. The equipment for daily, weekly, monthly, and annual inspections should be readily available to pave the way for the overall processing schedule.

    • The order has only the delivery date and the processing start date is not set
    • The purchase material plan and the production plan cannot be coordinated and synchronized
    • The purchase of materials is often delayed and the quality is often poor
    • The production department did not conduct a comprehensive capacity analysis

    The company’s standard production capacity is a yardstick for evaluating its own processing capacity. Normal evaluation of its product output capacity can promote “quality, cost and delivery time”. On the contrary, too low and too high evaluation of its processing capacity can only be counterproductive. If it is too high, it will cause the shortage of its own products, delay the delivery date and affect the overall production order plan.

    • The sales department missed an order2 19 - 10 Tips to Improve Production Efficiency of Garment Factory - Wholesale Fitness Clothing Manufacturer

    How to Improve Production Efficiency of Garment Workshop?

    • The basic skills that a sound production and operation system should have: to stabilize the position and ensure efficiency

    To improve production efficiency, we must first understand the foundation of production and operation management — basic management. We should use 5S technique and optimize the production and operation process to find a solution.

    • Clear objectives

    The so-called waste on the production site is to reduce the “various elements of production efficiency”. We should set clear goals

    • Use the on-site rapid improvement method to manage the source and flow and improve the efficiency

    Efficiency is life, time is money. In the fierce market co

    mpetition, enterprises want to be invincible, the key lies in “fast” and “new”. Speed is fast, strength is new. We should find ways and processes to improve productivity, improve quickly, and track problems quickly.

    3 18 - 10 Tips to Improve Production Efficiency of Garment Factory - Wholesale Fitness Clothing Manufacturer


    • Make the plan fully demonstrated, reduce the
      planned loss

    Through the production and marketing meeting: to ensure the close cooperation between production and sales, so as to continuously improve the quality and production capacity of products; to obtain the maximum benefit with the most reasonable efficiency.

    • Use reasonable purchasing mechanism to ensure the co-existence and common prosperity of both parties

    Modern win-win mode: assist suppliers to reduce costs, improve quality and speed up product development; establish mutual trust relationship, jointly improve efficiency and establish long-term partnership with suppliers.

    • Material and production schedule control to avoid time waste

    After receiving the order, the production management department should mobilize all personnel to complete the arranged plan. All relevant departments should take the initiative and actively cooperate with each other, actively respond to the work progress and jointly complete all plans.

    • Use performance index improvement method to evaluate the improvement of production efficiency

    The lean method can shorten the delivery time, reduce the waste, and make the quality, yield and efficiency to a new level.

    4 16 - 10 Tips to Improve Production Efficiency of Garment Factory - Wholesale Fitness Clothing Manufacturer

    • Implement the leadership policy through the actual performance of department management, improve the production efficiency and effectively achieve the business efficiency
    • Use reasonable operation performance to motivate morale and improve efficiency    Rationalization of incentive system:
    1. Performance bonus
    2. Performance indicators
    • Make full use of the principle of rapid changes in production and operation, so that enterprises can improve production efficiency

    Timely response to changes in the situation, quickly modify the plan, and accurately communicate the plan. Flexibility of production planning and modification is the most important condition.

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