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10 brand sports bras

10 Sports Bra List

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As a sports girl who likes exercise, here I’d like to recommend to you the 10 sports bra list and if you are interested in it, please have a look!!


Nike is a famous international sports brand, Nike means the Greek goddess of victory. Over the years, Nike has firmly believed that only the most advanced technology to produce high-quality products, so Nike spent a great deal of manpower material resources for new product research and development, pioneering air cushion technology brought revolutionary to sports, the technology has been touted as a way to better protect the athlete’s body, especially ankles and knees, from severe sprains, and has been embraced by many professional athletes.

10 Sports Bra List nike - 10 Sports Bra List - Custom Fitness Apparel Manufacturer


Adidas/Adidas, founded in 1949, is a famous sporting goods manufacturer in Germany, the logo design is common to the three between parallel bars, the World Cup in 1954, Adidas designed for west Germany under the soles are free to remove the nail shoes this breakthrough of scientific and technological achievements, in order to get more grip in the muddy ground, After helping West Germany beat Hungary in the rain, Adidas became a sponsor of several sports teams around the world.

  • Appearance: Nike has just one logo, very low-key, Adidas has a more varied design, and the upper body looks good.
  • Version: basic sports bra type, basic type can be produced by every brand, however, Nike and Adidas can do very well, the structure proportion is super good, comfortable, thin, not bare, no pressure on the shoulder.
  • Shock absorption: These two models of shock absorption effect are ok, no problem for a C cup medium speed jogging.
  • Fabric touch: there is no special feeling on the fabric, comfortable and soft.
  • Resilience: the fabric has medium resilience and strong resilience, which basically does not deform after wearing and taking off. Adidas uses webbing for the bottom girdle, which is slightly less elastic.
  • Moisture absorption: air permeability is general, wear long or a little stuffy.
  • Details: Adidas bottom band is still very acceptable, soft, and comfortable.
  • Nike’s bottom is not very friendly and the interior is easy to scratch and pull.
  • Convenient degree: convenient degree is not ok, because it is an elastic general head type, so slightly full chest women will wear off a little difficult.


FILA is one of the world’s top 10 sports brands, mainly engaged in the development of elegant sports-related products such as tennis, skiing, golf, yoga, racing, etc. The bright and bold design style, outstanding elegance, and unique product efficacy make FILA unique charm in the international top sports brands, owning a reputation all over the world.

Founded in 1911 by the FILA brothers in BIELLA, Italy, the brand has a history of more than 100 years. In the 1970s, FILA expanded its sportswear business in line with its diversification strategy. In the following years, it has developed golf, tennis, fitness, yoga, running, and skiing series, and finally established the backbone of the world-famous sports brand, which is considered the representative of art and the model of luxury.



XTEP/ XTEP, founded in 2001, is a sports goods company specializing in fashion and sports. XTEP has established a good image in the eyes of consumers with its avant-garde, fashion, individuality, and free culture. I believe many people have heard the slogan “XTEP, extraordinary feeling”. The brand statement “Make sports different” perfectly explains xtep’S attitude of not being tired by sports while emphasizing experiential sports. At the same time, Xtep also adopted the marketing strategy of differentiated management, adopted the endorsement of idol artists, and achieved unprecedented success. Xtep was successfully listed in Hong Kong in 2008.

  • Test bra Version: vest type, suitable structure proportion, no pressure on the shoulder, high comfort. And the side circumference height is very friendly, and there will not be a feeling of jam and grinding.
  • Shock absorption effect: these two shock absorption effect is good, C cup run jump vibration range is not large, and is highly comfortable.
  • Fabric touch: five stars! The fabric is very delicate and soft, with a feeling of elastic silk.
  • Resilience (the efficiency with which fabric recovers after being stretched): slightly weak, it takes a long time to recover to about 90% after being stretched. Durability may not be very good.
  • Moisture absorption: hereWE did not do experiments to get data, but the upper body feeling is OK, sweating will not be sticky and stuffy.
  • Details: details decide quality is not to have no reason really, the detail for the making of sth. in their home really is to let me, super love. The zipper is smooth and the sewing is very clear.
  • Convenience: Compared to basic sports, the front zipper and back button are very convenient, very friendly to wear and take off.


Decathlon was founded in 1976 in France, as a world-renowned sporting goods retailer. Decathlon entered China in 2003. The Decathlon Group offers a wide range of private label brands and currently has more than 21 passion brands for more than 60 sports, depending on the sports category. From beginners to professional sports enthusiasts, Decathlon can provide sports apparel, equipment, and a variety of creative sports products. Its whole industrial chain control mode makes its products cost-effective.

There are many styles of sports underwear under the decathlon brand, and the shock absorption effect of vest circumference is good, so don’t worry about comfort. The fabric is very hard, and after wearing and washing for a long time, it will become harder…


Puma/Puma is a large multinational sports goods group, mainly production of shoes and clothes, many products, are exported to all over the world, now the Puma shoes and clothing hip-hop graffiti are popular in many countries, has been in the sport to me, is one of the young people’s favorite brand, Puma also USES a powerful propaganda “star effect”, Autumn coats and sneakers have been tailored for many famous athletes and celebrities, and Even Madonna has worn PUMA shoes on her world tour. It now has Pamela, the AI fitness lady, as its spokesperson.

Every sportswear brand has a name for its fast-drying fabric. Nike is Dri-Fit, Adidas is Climachill, and UA is Heat Gear. Puma’s fast-drying fabric is called Cell Dry, but the fabric itself is almost the same, just a different name.

The upper body feels: Turn the bra upside down and there is no bra padding. Although there is no chest pad, I don’t feel my chest wobble when I exercise after wearing it


From the European design style of underwear brand, set underwear design, production and sales in one of the modern company.


Founded in 1949 in Japan, is a running shoe sports brand founded by Kiyaburo Onizuka, a well-known sports brand, whose products represent Japan’s exquisite, professional national culture. The brand adheres to high-tech, high-quality standards, research, and development of a number of patents, which combined injury avoiding and sports interest, established a global sports brand status.

Asics sports have strong professionals, we are more familiar with their running products. The design of sports underwear also highlights its characteristics, shockproof and strong adaptability, chest package support in sports has been effectively protected, the fabric dries quickly. We chose ASICS sports underwear, medium support, and high support, to try on.10 Sports Bra List

It’s one of those bras that looks like a normal bra design, with straps that are adjustable and easy to pull on and off and mesh around it for air permeability. Its high-intensity support is fine for running, boxing, and cardio.

It’s one of those bras that looks like a normal bra design, with straps that are adjustable and easy to pull on and off and mesh around it for air permeability. Its high-intensity support is fine for running, boxing, and cardio.

Li Ning

Founded in 1990 in China, Li Ning sports products Co., LTD., one of the sportswear manufacturers, is a world-famous sports brand, large sports outdoor equipment provider, specializing in the development of sports, independent development of sports goods enterprises has gradually become a representative of China, the international leading sports brand company. The main products include sportswear shoes, clothing, equipment, and accessories.

  • Appearance: very basic front, really nice back.
  • Version: vest style, high comfort, although the shoulder strap is thin, the structure position is appropriate, will not press the shoulder. (PS: European size is too large, so remember to pay attention to the size)
  • Shock absorption effect: shock absorption effect is very good, C cup running jump OK ~
  • Fabric touch: Fabric is washed with the touch of wool, very soft, but easy to stick gray and sticky hair, home cats and wang carefully enter.
  • Resilience: the elasticity of the fabric is medium, and the resilience in general. It basically does not deform after wearing and taking off.
  • Moisture absorption: air permeability is general, because it is grinding hair, so wear for a long time will be a little stuffy.
  • Convenient degree: convenient degree is OK, back button type, easy to wear and take off.

Under Armour

Founded in 1996 in the US, UnderArmour is a well-known high-end functional sports brand in US. Adhering to the brand mission of “making athletes stronger”, UnderArmour provides athletes with a full range of sports equipment including clothing, shoes, and accessories. UnderArmour is the world’s premier premium functional sports brand, and athletes in all sports around the world can feel the profound impact of UnderArmour.

This is the one I wear the most. Shoulder strap back double adjustment, very nice, vest type packaging degree is high, good moisture absorption effect, every exercise will wet underwear. Good shock absorption effect, running and jumping basically no problem. To say the disadvantage, is not enough elasticity, there will be a feeling of chest pressure and le, comfort is general.

10 Sports Bra List

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