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Disposable travel underwear/panty is a kind of panties that is only worn once time and then thrown away while on a trip.

Many business people like to pack lightly when traveling, but if you stay outside for a long time and change the laundry, it is inevitable to bring a few more sets, as well as underwear!

Speaking of underwear really have to mention disposable travel underwear, it is really too convenient for people who travel frequently. You can wear one and throw one, which is very time-saving for hasty travel.

The custom disposable travel underwear wholesale manufacturers, based on the needs and usage preference, will create and produce these men’s & women’s disposable panties for traveling in bulk.

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Underwear or panties usually refers to the underwear of the lower body, which can be divided into men’s underwear and women’s wear. Now there are many kinds of underwear styles and fabrics. Different fabrics have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Cotton underwear is less irritating to the skin and is healthy and comfortable to wear, but it is not the best. There are also many new fabrics, which are more beneficial to the health of the body.

The cotton fiber in pure cotton underwear is a natural fiber extracted from cotton by using physical methods. From the aspect of wearing, cotton is the most comfortable, breathable, soft surface, and does not irritate the skin.

The advantages of pure cotton fabrics are usually loose and breathable, with better hygiene. It is more close-fitting than undergarments of other materials, and also has the most warmth. It is the most suitable panties for women during the physiological period.

Applications of mens disposable underwear - Disposable Travel Underwear Wholesale - Custom Fitness Apparel Manufacturer

It should be noted that generally speaking, common cotton underwear is not easy to dry after absorbing sweat, and the cotton underwear will be hard after repeated washing, and it will be soft if it is often rubbed by hand. This is because the pure cotton fabric is very rigid, and its smoothness is low, so it will not feel slippery, and the gloss is not particularly good.

100% cotton disposable travel underwear does not have this shortcoming, because it can be thrown away after one use and does not need to be washed.

What our clients say:

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How to Identify the Quality of Various Disposable Underwear for Travel Wholesale?

  • Qualified non-woven fabrics are made of 100% polypropylene (made in China/imported). The fabrics are soft, tough, and smooth to the touch. Unqualified non-woven fabrics use polypropylene with recycled materials or calcium carbonate. The surface is rough and the tensile strength is poor. It’s crispy, and some smell.
  • The pure cotton disposable travel panties will be a bit astringent in feel, and there will be a little cotton wool when shaking the product; the polyester-cotton undergarment is relatively smooth, and the fiber will agglomerate (translucent) when it is burned. This is a simple method of judgment.
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