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Women Blank T shirts Wholesale

Women Blank T shirts Wholesale manufacturers provide you with 5 processes of checking, top-qualified clothing, and preferential price.

Women Blank T shirts are good ones to match any jeans or dresses. Work with Women Blank T shirts Wholesale manufacturer, you will receive:

1.Skilled professional production team;

2. Quality inspection department with multi-layer inspection to provide guarantee for your products;

3. Professional packing, double layer protection, making products clean, complete delivery to your hands;

women blank t shirts

How to wash and care for nylon clothing

1,When washing, please don’t have to use high detergent, water temperature need to be low, below 40 degrees is considered good, so as not to be too high temperature and deformation;

2, when washing, do not rub nylon clothes, so as not to appear small hair ball;

3, light colored fabric need to be washed more several times, otherwise it is easy to turn yellow for a long time;

4, nylon cloth should not be exposed to the sun, it is better to be dry in the shade;

5, nylon clothing is poor in heat resistance, so it needs to be ironed at low temperature, using steam instead of dry ironing.


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