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Wholesale Womens Capri Pants

Custom Wholesale Womens Capri Pants. High Waisted Seamless Mesh Capri Leggings Manufacturers. Hollow Out, Four-Way Stretch, ISO Production Line, China Price.

Finding Wholesale Womens Capri Pants Manufacturers?

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  • Main body material: 90% Nylon, 10% Elastane;
  • Alternative colors: Rose red, grey, army green, purple, yellow, black, or choose your optional Pantone colors:;
  • The thickness of fabric: 260~330 GSM.



Introduction of high waisted Wholesale Womens Capri Pants

Nowadays, in addition to paying attention to appearance, the beauties are also very concerned about their figures. Beautiful beauties are very interesting no matter how they wear them.

1. Slim & fashion

Slim and fashionable yoga mesh capri leggings can well show the perfect curve of women, showing a style of grace and unique temperament. Wearing a pair of fashionable sunglasses can well block the dazzling sunlight and also have a street style. wholesale seamless leggings easily create a beautiful shape. The seven-point model shows women’s slender and slender legs.

2. Easy to match

Paired with sports and leisure tops, it is elegant and exudes a chic style, which is very fashionable and attractive, showing your small waist and showing an exquisite body curve.

Wholesale Womens Capri Pants

After wearing them, they look thinner and give you a perfect curve figure, giving people a refreshing feeling. The exquisite version has a very good self-cultivation effect, making people look very thin, reflecting the elegant fashion taste and full of sports vitality.


3. Changeable types and different colors

The wearing of the sports fan gives people a simple and capable feeling, which can accommodate various figures without deformation. The waist design is simple but not simple, showing the beauty of the light and obsessive style.

Wholesale Womens Capri Pants

The tight-fitting texture and richness make women’s youthful fashion, making the dress look younger and making you look more distinctive.


4. See-through front thigh mesh pattern

The see-through front thigh mesh pattern gives the wearer extra breathability and this is truly stunning in gym leggings and workout leggings. Imagine the looking of wearing this pair of capri pants, you can’t miss it.

Wholesale Womens Capri Pants

5. Board elastic waistband 

The board elastic waistband ensures the high waist cover the tummy and makes sure you look slim when wearing this legging. Say goodbye to your tummy muffin.


6. Solid texture

The solid textured together with the mesh construction will bring you good-looking as well as the good effects of activities.

Wholesale Womens Capri Pants

7. Dampness Wicking

The leggings which are without the functions of dampness wicking are not good leggings. Well,  this womens capri pants stand out by combining functionality with slim, easy-to-match, quick-drying, light-weight has led a way in the yoga pants industry.



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