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Wholesale Plus Size Biker Shorts

When it comes to bike shorts, you can’t be more familiar with them! Here we offer wholesale plus size biker shorts for you to choose from!


As an important part of daily riding equipment, its main function is shock absorption, diffusion of hip pressure division, reduce the sense of pressure of the perineum; Reduce the friction of the inner thigh seat, protect the thigh skin from abrasion; Assist in fixing muscle groups to relieve muscle soreness and fatigue, moisture absorption and sweat removal, reduce wind resistance, fall prevention and sterilization functions.

Why are bike shorts so favored? How did cycling pants get into fashion? Let me reveal the secrets for you

The fashion origins of biker pants

In fact, the popularity of cycling pants originated from TV stars in the 1980s. Influenced by Body Culture, they were crazy about aerobics at that time. They not only loved dancing, but also directly put cycling pants on TV. In the years that followed, riding pants not only appeared in TV and movies, but even became popular with sports stars. The 90s brought biker pants back to life, and you can’t miss the legend of Princess Diana. The street style of hoodie and biker pants actually spread from Princess Diana.

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For the past two years, It was Kim Kardashian who brought bike shorts back into fashion and made them a cult item, followed by celebrity supermodels, it girls and fashion bloggers, all of whom are still trending this year.She even appeared on the runways of Chanel, Fendi and Prada. Simple and versatile black style is the most common, and then in the fabric and color of continuous improvement, can be mixed with suits, shirts, T-shirts and other single products; A tight style can also show off a good figure. Wear comfy and down-to-earth shorts, no wonder they’re so popular!

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How to wear biker shorts on a regular basis?

1: bike shorts + suit/denim jacket

The most common style of bike shorts is purely black and white. With a suit, the error rate is very low, easily cover the pp and thigh, and also make the staid suit wear a super casual feeling, which is also suitable for the current autumn.2: bike shorts + T-shirt hoodie

Pairing bike shorts with a T-shirt or hoodie is a basic entry-level look that’s easy to learn and takes no time to get out the door. Follow the dress principle of wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. The loose top is paired with tight riding shorts that modify the leg shape. The two can create different sparks. A sense of youth, a sense of youth, and a healthy feeling of fitness.

For girls with confidence in their lower abdomen and waistline, they can choose a short crop hoodie or short sleeve, and follow the principle of wide on the top and tight on the bottom.3: bike shorts + shirt
A simple shirt and bike shorts, you can add a little movement element on the basis of the existing, the overall coordination is very much, but in the choice of shoes to spend some thought ~ Daddy shoes are the first choice ~
White as a versatile color, of course, is the first choice as a match, irregular shirts can show more gentleness, of course, you can tie a knot.

4: color echo
This style turns bike shorts into an embellishment, more of a display top or other item. It is best to be able to follow the color of the lower body, and look more coordinated.

wholesale plus size biker shorts


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