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Wholesale Fashion Leggings Suppliers

Wholesale Fashion Leggings Suppliers with private logo print available, 200+ Existing Designs in Stock, ISO Production, Made in China, Preferential price.

Find Your Own Reliable Wholesale Fashion Leggings Suppliers!


People choose wholesale fashion leggings supplier for serval reasons

  • Professional Technicians that have over 20 years of experience in producing activewear to work with.
  • Blank items MOQ= 1PC for stock hot-selling items.
  • An even lower minimum order quantity for customized types.
  • Provide neutral transparent OPP bags.
  • Custom packages are also available.
  • Heat transfer private logo ( Send us your logo pictures file and we will handle the issue)
  • Care label stitched for stock items.
  • Customized label total MOQ 50 PCs/type.
  • Optional Colors.
  • plus size fitness clothes!

We have seen a lot of good figures of various fitness experts, especially under the guidance of many stars, seeing stars keep young because of fitness, more and more people join in the fitness craze, hoping that they can have a perfect figure.
When exercising, especially when jumping or running, the leg muscles will shake violently, which will increase the feeling of fatigue.  With special materials and design, fashionable leggings with good sports function can provide good support for muscles, reduce muscle shaking, and achieve local protection.

Wholesale Fashion Leggings Suppliers

Features need to care about when choosing fashion leggings:


1. Fabric.

It is one of the most important points when custom sports bras or leggings. Actually, every clothes go with deciding fabric firstly. And yoga pants worn during exercise, have high requirements on fabric and are mostly made of sweat absorbing and sweating material. Even in Southeast Asia and humid places, Heat dry material should be used. Also, a good extension performance should be taken into consideration. Like easy to stretch meanwhile not deform.

2. Clipping.
In order to cope with the difficult movement posture, the elasticity of yoga pants must be good. While recent years, wholesale seamless leggings are the most popular ones.


3. Fashionable and durable
Good tight yoga pants can show the wearer’s toned figure and have the function of slimming. People who like fitness and yoga, generally pay attention to the appearance of yoga clothes and gym pants, you have to admit that a nice and flattering pair of pants will make you stand out in the gym.


4. Reliable functions
Of course, it’s not just about having a nice pair of yoga pants, it’s also about practicality. When choosing activewear, we need first consider the following points:

  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Highwaisted
  • No-pressure
  • Non-see-through




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