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Scrunch Butt Leggings Manufacturers

scrunch butt leggings manufacturers provide these for those who want to start their own fitness line, but don’t have much money to custom their own design, so here logo printing is totally acceptable. we help you print your own brand logo pattern or your brand name on our existing items. Welcome to send us a free inquiry.

Finding Scrunch Butt Leggings Manufacturers?

Category: Scrunch Butt Leggings
Origin: Zhejiang, China
Composition: Nylon, Polyamide, spandex,
Weight of fabric: 210g-290g
Fabric Features: breathable, high elastic, fast drying, squat-proof, Lightweight, Sweat-wicking,
Applicable occasion: yoga, fitness, running, casual wear
Unit weight: 220 grams
Size: XS -XXL
Sales form: OEM custom
Color style: shown in pictures, more colors, and design can be customized, choose color at:;
Supply form: direct supply from the seamless leggings manufacturer.

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All of our leggings are of great stretchy, yet not transparent, which is great for yoga and fitness exercise or everyday casual wearing, the high waist tummy control provides you the greatest amount of comfort that flattens your belly and covers your belly button. The soft thick non-see-through fabric gives you a sense of safety when you squat down.

The scrunch-back, ruched-back design helps you lift your butt as well as contours your curves. Triangle crotch 100% no camel toe. Make you feel free when working out

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How to find a reliable Scrunch Butt Leggings Manufacturers?

Consult a professional.
As the saying goes: if you want to find a good manufacturer, consult professionals, understand which manufacturers are better, the advantages and disadvantages of different manufacturers, so as to quickly determine the target.

Investigate manufacturer information.
After determining the target manufacturer, you can first investigate some information about the manufacturer, such as the size of the manufacturer, experience in a relevant business, patents and awards, so as to understand the production strength of the manufacturer.

Visit the factory.
Field investigation is the most direct and effective way to observe the strength of the manufacturer, focusing on the manufacturer’s relevant qualification certificates are complete, quality management is in place, so as to judge whether the manufacturer is professional. If you are not convenient, a video call is a good way.

Product quality and cost performance.
General product quality is excellent, not prone to problems, and the product price is appropriate, cost-effective manufacturers are worth considering.

Manufacturer reputation.
This one-stage basically inspects the manufacturer to be in course of study and local credit circumstances, the manufacturer with good credit is more trustworthy of course. However, it is not entirely based on credibility, and the correct solution is to sign a standard contract.
After-sales service.


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