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Scrunch Bum Bike Shorts Wholesale

Scrunch Bum Bike Shorts Wholesaler, your reliable supplier for your own branded personal activewear fitness line. Here, offer you blank tank tops and other hot-selling activewear, please send us an inquiry if you want to know further info.

Attention! Price is based on: Customized label total MOQ 50 PCs/type. Blank items MOQ 1PC. Less than MOQ, we can also do the customization! Heat transfer private logo + care label;

A neutral transparent OPP bag. Tell us if you want to custom the bags!

Not including shipping charge to your place, kindly confirm with us & we’ll find the economic way!

If you wanna custom your own design fitness apparel, please leave a message!

Considering Buying Scrunch Bum Bike Shorts Wholesale?

Check the below pictures, please

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What are the benefits of Scrunch bum legging:

Scrunch Bum leggings have recently become a huge fashion trend and have become a very popular style choice for those in the fitness industry. Many people find us to do custom leggings with scrunch butt.

What are the Benefits of Scrunch Bum Legging,
1. Fashion, beauty, figure show.
2. The fabric is soft and warm to the skin, and they cling to your body without feeling too tight and claustrophobic
3. The materials are super elastic, so you don’t have to fight them, because of the seamless technology, they can slide. It’s almost like putting on a second skin that makes you feel completely free and confident to maximize your gains at the gym.
4. Comfortable, the band fits snugly against your hips but doesn’t go deep or cause discomfort because the leggings match the shape of your body,
Squat and sweat proof, so you can Squat at will without any uncomfortable pressure.

Do you have to have a sexy butt to wear them?
Answer: Not really! These look good on any size hobo!

Scrunch Bum Legging is designed to embrace your curves and create more shape around your hips to enhance your figure.
Scrunch Bum Legging is great for shaping your silhouette and giving your hips the lift and styling they need during your workout. You don’t need any prerequisites to rock these beauties at the gym and look amazing while doing it.

Is Scrunch Bum Legging only for young girls?

There is no age limit for leggings! Wear whenever you want

Scrunch Bum Legging is perfect for anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals and wants to feel stylish and safe in their workout clothes. No matter what stage of life you are in, you can feel confident and supported at the gym or during a workout. Curve Embrace technology is definitely something everyone wants to experience, so don’t hesitate!
Give it a try, we believe you will fall in love, once you take one step and twist your back, you will never look back.


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