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Print On Demand Sports Bras

Print On Demand Sports Bras provides these for those who want to start their own fitness line, but don’t have much money to custom their own design, so here logo printing is totally acceptable. we help you print your own brand logo pattern or your brand name on our existing items. Welcome to send us a free inquiry.

Want to start a fitness line, but do not have much money? Please check out our blank apparel service, Print on demand sports bras.

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Why you need to buy stock items?

>> As there are relatively high cost for custom bras, let alone the cost, custom bras need at least 150pcs as the minimum order quantity in regard of cut and sew bras. For seamless bras, even larger. So we do not start-ups to do customs at the very first beginning. Buy our stock items yo can still start your fitness apparel lines.

>>What we can offer for your print on demand sports bras business?

Nearly more than 200 pages of catalog for you to choose from, all are blank ones. Most importantly, our minimum order quantity for the stock is one. If you are interested in purchasing our products, please send us an email and ask for the catalog.

>> What is the purchase process?

  1. check the catalog,
  2. choose the items you like,
  3. tell us the item code, or you can send us the picture,
  4. tell us the size and quantity you want,
  5. provide us your logo picture if you need print.
  6. decide the logo size,
  7. provide us your delivery address, as the shipping price is based on the location and quantity,

>> What logos do we provide?

Silicon or heat transfer, we will recommend according to the apparel you order.

print on demand sports bra Offset Print Transfer printing3 - Print On Demand Sports Bras - Custom Fitness Apparel Manufacturer

Why is sports bras getting more and more popular today?

Compared with traditional underwear, sports underwear is more popular with girls, because it is comfortable and has no binding sense.

  1. The fabric is great.

Sports underwear is all made of high-determination sports fabric – nylon + spandex blend, with excellent tensile strength, ductility and tension, large elasticity and easy deformation. Different parts of the underwear use different grams of weight, the characteristics of high fixed sports fabric to the extreme.

2. Artcraft

With the advanced fabric, the craft level is equally important. The jelly glue of Q ball also enhances the elasticity of underwear and also solves the pain point that sports underwear is easy to run. The most special thing is that the whole front and back of this underwear are cut in one piece, only two side ratio has suture points, other parts are integrated, the main purpose is to let the shoulder belt integration without any splicing points, at the expense of fabric, to achieve the ultimate comfort, to create value for users!

Come and invest our sports bra wholesale to open your fitness line business.

Print on demand sports bras wholesale


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