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Honeycomb Gym Leggings Wholesale

Custom Honeycomb Gym Leggings Wholesale. Private Label 3D Honeycomb Textured Workout Leggings Manufacturers. Body Building Shape, ISO Production, China Price.

The Customized Honeycomb Gym Leggings Wholesale is made from an elastic, moisture-wicking knitting fabric blended with nylon and polyester.


And the high-end tights will hide any type of flaws while enhancing your physique!

With careful designs, the materials are made into honeycomb textured patterns. Besides, the perfect sculpting material with the right compression plus a scrunch booty style to help you accomplish that preferred Brazilian shape. Bid farewell to the look of cellulite as well as its flaws.

Proceed and bounce your body with full self-confidence. The scrunch booty will certainly lift your bum. The honeycomb textured textile will conceal any type of problem. The compression material will certainly make your thighs look slimmer and also will shape your legs as well as butt to excellence. The layout of the high waistline mid-area will squash your belly.

  • Product name: Honeycomb fitness pants, alveolar structured gym leggings.
  • Suitable group: Women, girls.
  • Main body material:68% Polyester, 32% Spandex or Elastane;
  • Alternative colors: Any color,  or choose your optional Pantone colors:;
  • The thickness of fabric: 230~310 GSM.
  • Production technique: Seamless.
  • Features: Moisture-wicking, anti-cellulite, breathable, elastic, compressive.
  • Size: 5 Sizes are in stock. Custom plus size available.
  • Application: Running, yoga, base layer pants.

Custom honecomb leggings wholesale


5 Inventory Colors of Wholesale Honeycomb Leggings:


Red honeycomb leggings wholesale


Grey honeycomb leggings manufacturer

Dark Green:

Dark green honeycomb leggings wholesale

Dark Blue:

Custom navy blue honeycomb leggings wholesale

Two Ways To Customize Your Own Private logo with Honeycomb Gym Leggings Wholesale:

Way # 1: Put your Brand Name/ Logo onto ChinaFitnessClothing’s inventory design.

MOQ = 1 Piece!

Various styles, colors, and sizes are in stock. No MOQ for blank variations! Contact us and request a catalog!

Way # 2: Tailoring your custom leggings design.

You might have a style department that creates great custom leggings designs. Offering us with precise design specs as Tech Packs, Drawings, or Original Samples with Modify Advice.


A comparison of our Production technique and others:

Left side one: Our production;

Right side one: Other factories’ production.

the fabric of Honeycomb Gym Leggings Wholesale

Noted:  The fabric we used is more smooth and buttery soft than the other factories.


Honecomb leggings comparison

Noted: our products have less thread residual from the pictures. And do one more process to make it smooth.

details of Honeycomb Gym Leggings Wholesale

Noted: the waistband of our Honeycomb Gym Leggings is knitted by the circular machines from the start. While others, through cutting and sewing together with an elastic band to ensure the stretch of the waistband. Please click here to see more about what are seamless leggings.

3D pattern of honeycomb leggings

What’s more, we use a special customized fabric in the back to make sure no matter who wears the leggings, it will achieve an effect of lighting and shaping butt.


Honeycomb Gym Leggings Wholesale Introduction:

The honeycomb, a pattern linked mainly with a framework that makes use of duplicating hexagons, showing a sense of fashion.

The 3D honeycomb pattern makes the fabric and texture of these leggings more three-dimensional.

The fascinating point concerning the honeycomb is its hexagonal form in a duplicating pattern that loads a room successfully. The area can be filled up by duplicating floor tiles of hexagons, squares, as well as triangular however not an octagon.

Multi colors of honeycomb leggings bulk

The honeycomb design is integrated into the production of fitness tights, and the honeycomb pattern is made into a 3D shape through double-layer weaving. This is undoubtedly a perfect match of appearance and function.

Contact us and request a catalog for all series of seamless leggings wholesale!

Wholesale honeycomb leggings suppliers.


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