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Gym Leggings That Look Like Socks

Gym Leggings That Look Like Socks Wholesale At ChinafitnessApparle!!

Until a few years ago, Gym leggings were just functional clothing, worn only for yoga. But recently, with the week of sports, gym leggings have become a fashion trend and become more and more favored by the public. Besides, gym leggings are only worn zero to countless times, and women who try them tend to love them.

Because gym leggings come with their own fashion factor. First of all, it’s very inclusive, making the legs tight and snug, and many girls wear yoga classes like leggings. Secondly, the design of yoga pants is usually very simple, so it is a versatile pieces. On top of that, gym leggings give people an air of confidence and health and are increasingly becoming a keyword in terms of style.

However, wearing yoga pants should also pay attention to collocation skills, remember the following several wear skills, let you wear yoga pants out of different feelings!

1. Gym Leggings +Jumper
Some friends may have such a mistake, is that yoga pants can only go sports style. But in fact, the most common and down-to-earth casual look we all have can be created with yoga pants. Keep in mind that you need to follow the principle of wide up and narrow down, to give people a sense of visual extension, too long legs!

A V-neck black sweater, matching yoga pants of the same color, and an underarm bag, the three pieces seem unrelated, but make the whole style clean and fresh, not only the style of life but also letting people see the effect.

Seven-point yoga pants are also easy to wear because they put pressure on the larger thighs, have built-in abdominal and butt-lifting skills, and make the top and back look higher. He wears an oversize polo neck zipper hoodie on his upper body, which brings out the retro style. The combination of the two is generous enough and full of international style, simple and handsome, and walks with the wind.

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2. Gym leggings + football socks, wirelessly elongated legs
Socks are actually small details in our wear, with good will have the effect of the finishing touch. Gym leggings and football socks are a match made in heaven. Exposing the stockings can add layer to the monochrome yoga pants. When paired together, you can wear a free and easy fashion and ability, and walk on the road full of aura.

Gym leggings are very casual by themselves, so they are perfect for hoodies. Try to keep your hoodie loose enough to cover your hips so you don’t look too low or weird.

If you want to go casual, the best shoes are sneakers, the color can be optional, and how to wear them can not go wrong.

In addition to sneakers, yoga pants and football socks can be combined with ankle boots. Especially in winter, a pair of snow boots is a must. Short boots will keep the slimmest part of the calf, and then match with yoga pants to show long legs.

3. Gym leggings + jacket, wear from spring to winter
Yoga pants are actually a year-round item. In the spring and autumn period, you can take fitness underwear that is also sports style, slightly exposing the waistline, and then coat a shirt, with a cap, which not only loose and comfortable but also a lazy feeling.

How do seamless gym leggings come out?

1, Computer system graphics (CG).

This is a special step in the manufacturing of seamless garments. The developer requires to create a program in a computer system software application according to the sample style, as well as after that import the program right into the circular knitting gadget for the “Space fabric” weaving.

2, Knitting or weaving.

Weaving, will be the best difference in between smooth apparel as well as various other clothes within the manufacturing strategy. The semi-manufactured material of seamless garments is weaved directly from thread to semi-finished material with a manufacturer, while regular style is made by eliminating the whole product.

Seamless apparel manufacturing facilities make use of round knitting devices to weave. The semi-done fabric woven from a smooth knitting device is called “Blank cloth”.

Knitters need to make sure that the empty fabric reaches the traditional weight and that there are no broken threads, horizontal information, or yarn mistakes. They will choose the eligible garments as well as placed them in the turnover bundle, for the next treatment– dyeing.

3, Dyeing.

Coloring is normally finished in an expert clothes dyeing production facility. Some smooth garments suppliers obtain their very own dyeing workshop and also it additionally does save a variety of the expenditures.


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