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Fitness Leggings Wholesale

Custom Fitness Leggings Wholesale Manufacturer as well as private logo print available, 200+ Existing Designs in Stock, ISO Production, Made in China, Preferential price.

Find Your Own Reliable Fitness Leggings Wholesaler!

Nowadays, more and more people join in the fitness boom, hoping that they can have a perfect figure.

Lululemon and GYM SHARK. These brands are highly professional, whose pants are of high comfort and beauty. Lululemon, in particular. And now many internet celebrities are promoting these brands. But the disadvantage of these pants is that the price is too high for ordinary consumers.

Fitness Leggings Wholesale

3 important factors decide a good fitness legging:

Good tensile properties

Everyone knows that yoga has a variety of stretching actions, which require higher elasticity of training clothes. If the training suit has poor elasticity, it will not only cause discomfort when doing stretching exercises but also easily break the clothes due to excessive stretching. The high-quality yoga training clothes, because the fabric has better elasticity, can support high-intensity stretching and avoid embarrassment.

Good supporting performance

Yoga stretches not only have a large range but also will inevitably bring a certain impact on the body during the practice. Therefore, training clothes need to have strong support. The yoga tights are specially designed and made for this sport and can provide good support for the body in terms of clothing structure and protect each part.

Good air permeability

Whether it is hot yoga or ordinary stretching yoga, people will perspire to varying degrees. If it is ordinary sportswear that cannot dry quickly, it may cause the clothes to stick to the skin and make the wearer feel uncomfortable. But for professional yoga training clothes, the clothes have better air permeability, which can absorb sweat and ventilate quickly, allowing you to maintain a dry and comfortable wearing feeling, thereby enhancing the experience of training.

Put on affordable squat-proof leggings throughout the training! Or sell them on your online shop with your private brand or label! Custom fitness apparel manufacturers will provide high-quality & worriless production service!

To create your own clothing brand you can do this:

1. First of all, you need to decide on brand positioning you want to create your own sportswear  (men’s or women’s, suitable age group, etc)  because to do a clothing brand, you can not do clothes suitable for everyone, now the clothing must be specific, that is, the positioning style must be clear.

A good brand should give people a very clear product style when it is mentioned, such as Gymshark’s Leggings and Lululemon’s Leggings, which are internationally famous, and they both started from a young age.

2. Establish a solid and clear business plan

Your business plan should lay out how you intend to manage your clothing brand. Write as realistically as possible. Remember, it’s better to underestimate your profits and be pleasantly surprised than to overestimate your abilities.

In particular, think about the following:

Executive summary. An executive summary is both a description of a company’s mission statement and future plans and a way to appeal to potential investors. This is necessary for all businesses, especially in the garment sector, which often requires outside investment.

A company description lets people know what your clothing brand is, what differentiates you from your competitors, and what market you want to be in.

Standardize the operation, register the company, design the brand logo. After having their own logo, both ODM and OEM can quickly establish a brand.

3. Make your own products

(1) OEM, means some sportswear manufacturer stock a series of clothing, and then you go to choose products, order a certain number of goods.

(2) ODM means to use your own products, this is more complex, hire designers, plate makers, lathe, but also involves fabrics, accessories, production. Advantages: flexible and convenient, strong autonomy. Disadvantages: management is more troublesome, investment is larger.

However, you can look for Sportswear Customized manufacturers, and with tech Pack, they can help you with your Fitness Apparel line.

(4) Use part of your own products, and the rest of the brand, handle them to reliable suppliers. This method is now adopted by many big brands. Like ETCH.



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