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Disposable Sanitary Panties Manufacturer

Where to find Disposable Sanitary Panties Manufacturer?


The Internet is the easiest way to find potential bespoke women’s underwear manufacturers. Simply typing these keywords into Google gives you quick access to thousands of potential manufacturers from around the world. All of these manufacturers have their own websites or social media channels for you to easily contact or contact them. You can even email or send a message directly to them from any messaging platform and expect a response within minutes.

Another popular way to find custom-made women’s underwear manufacturers is online on pages like Alibaba, Yellow Pages, and industry directories. Online marketplaces are places where online merchants are listed on the Internet and where they can make referrals easily. Through the search function of the online marketplace, you can find potential underwear manufacturers and underwear clothing merchants. Also, make sure you ask for sustainable materials and similar options early. You can contact or engage with them to tell them exactly what you’re looking for.

Disposable underwear must be disinfected in accordance with safety and health standards before leaving the factory, and the operator’s clothes, masks, shoes and other items must also be disinfected to ensure that the production process will not cause pollution to the product. Therefore, disposable underwear is very safe and hygienic, and can be worn directly without washing.

The production process of ordinary underwear is similar to that of ordinary clothes. It is not sterilized before leaving the factory, so it is less hygienic and must be cleaned before wearing.

Disposable Sanitary Panties Manufacturer


Why do we need Disposable Sanitary Panties?

Compared with ordinary underwear, the workmanship of disposable underwear is worse. The fabric is thinner and the elastic is thinner. After wearing it for a long time, there may be a loose phenomenon. The ordinary underwear is more exquisite, and the fabric used will be better than disposable underwear, which is comfortable to wear and has a better practical difference in air permeability. A sexual underwear belongs to a sexual good, wear after time to throw away, can not be cleaned and reused. And ordinary underwear workmanship is fine to thick, mostly pure cotton or modal cotton material can be repeatedly cleaned many times to wear.


Can disposable sanitary panties replace underwear?


  1. Disposable underwear can not be used instead of ordinary underwear, because disposable underwear is a disposable product and can only be worn once. If a pair of underwear is washed and repeatedly worn, the fabric will fall out of the flocculation, and the elastic will become loose, which will affect the comfort of the underwear.
  2. The cost of underwear is relatively high. If you wear underwear for a long time, it will not save environmental protection.
  3. The comfort and breathability of regular underwear cannot be replaced by disposable underwear.

Do disposable underwear have an expiration date?


Disposable underwear also belongs to sanitary articles, exists the problem of shelf life likewise so, generally did not open the disposable underwear shelf life is in 3 years or so, production date and time should be seen clearly when disposable underwear of choose and buy so. It is easy to cause inflammation if you use disposable underwear that has expired.

In addition, disposable underwear that has been opened should also be used within a week, because disposable underwear will be easily contaminated with bacteria when exposed to the air after opening, so it will lose its sterilization effect.


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