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Custom Cycling Socks Low Minimum

All the orders could be personalized, textile material, material gsm, color, dimension, patterns or logo design, tag, mark, packaging, and so on.

Also, you can put your own private logo onto our existing items and colors, please find us to request a catalog via the contact us page!

ChinafitnessApparel  provide you Custom Cycling Socks Low Minimum

Why should we wear the right custom cycling socks?

Scientific studies have shown that the human brain and body need to be maintained at a temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius), which requires excess heat to be expelled from the body. As the amount of exercise increases, the body produces more heat and sweat. The first way to cool it is to evaporate it. Therefore, clothing (including socks) must have good sweat absorption properties to keep skin dry and comfortable. Therefore, a suitable cycling sock is required to keep the soles of the feet dry and comfortable in any temperature.

In addition, the inner layer of cycling socks should use yarn with strong hygroscopic and perspiration function, and the outer layer should choose waterproof, breathable and wear-resistant yarn, layer upon layer protection, in order to remove wet feet. High-performance cycling socks will avoid the feet too cold or overheating, and promote the normal foot temperature regulation function, in different climate conditions, to help balance the body temperature, cleverly use sweat to create a comfortable skin “microclimate”.

Believe that through the above introduction of cycling socks have a certain understanding, will be to choose a pair of oneself to like and suitable for cycling socks, actually is not just a cycling, other sports activities up comfort requirements for socks is also high, every action will effect to the body of a stress point, therefore, in order to avoid injury, The joints of the body that are prone to injury must be protected, and it is important to choose the right cycling socks.

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