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Black Long Sleeve Turtleneck Crop Top

Women’s Custom Black Long Sleeve Turtleneck Crop Top Wholesale.  Hollow Out, Four-Way Stretch, ISO Production Line, China Price.

Finding Black Long Sleeve Turtleneck Crop Top Wholesale Manufacturers?

Cooperate with ChinaFitnessClothing once, you may become lazier since they did all the things!
  • Main body material: 92% Nylon, 8% Elastane;
  • Alternative colors: Black, white, green, blue, yellow,  or choose your optional Pantone colors:;
  • The thickness of fabric: 240~330 GSM.

Black Long Sleeve Turtleneck Crop Top

Two Ways To Customize Your Own Brand Crop Top form long sleeve seamless workout top manufacturer :

Way # 1: Put your Brand Name/ Logo onto ChinaFitnessClothing’s inventory design.

MOQ = 1 Piece!

Various styles, colors, and sizes are in stock. No MOQ for blank variations! Contact us and request a catalog!

Way # 2: Tailoring your custom crop tops design.

You might have a style department that creates great custom tops designs. Offering us with precise design specs as Tech Packs, Drawings, or Original Samples with Modify Advice.

Black Long Sleeve Turtleneck Crop Top

Crop top Introduction:

To make it simple, the crop top is nothing but a regular top that is shorter in length compared to your t-shirt.

Its roots can be traced back to the 1940s when crop tops were invented as a way to protect fabrics during wartime, and eventually became a fashion statement and summer staple, paired with high-waisted skirts or trousers. Women during World War II, however, took advantage of this to allow more freedom in the skin they wanted to show. Today, the same gender-limiting ideology exists through other mechanisms that allow women in this relatively conservative part of the South to wear crop tops and enjoy similar freedoms.

While crop tops were originally revived through pop culture in the ’70s,’ 80s, and ’90s, the recent revival sees them not as a high school trend but as a high fashion trend, praised for its minimalism, elegance, and ability to last. Being redesigned. However, crop tops are also important because their Renaissance is encapsulated by women using crop tops to promote their sexuality, such as Britney Spears or Clueless cher. The crop top’s history is based on years of transforming gender stereotypes into statement pieces in favor of a more liberal style for women.

To wear a crop top now is to deny its historical dissemination of cultural and gender stereotypes, redefining the choice of clothing as something designed to provide comfort and boost self-esteem. Just like wearing those powerful heels, a crop top can have exactly the same effect. It promotes the self-fulfilling fashion trend that makes crop tops so important.

Where to find long sleeve seamless workout top manufacturer?

The concept of seamless knitting originated in the 1980s. In 1984, the Italian Singsong company applied for the special right of the seamless underwear knitting machine, seamless technology began to be applied in the field of underwear. Seamless underwear needs special seamless underwear production equipment to produce complete knitted products by weft knitting. Because different parts of the product are woven with different organizational structures, there is no need to cut and sew, is one-time molding underwear. It is more flexible and comfortable to wear than traditional underwear. In China, long sleeve seamless workout top manufacturers are mainly in the east coast area.


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