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Fleece Lined Leggings Wholesale

As weather getting colder and colder. Shorts and short sleeves are not appropriate for the inside or outside workout. When most people need a pair of fleece lined leggings.

ChinaFitness Clothing, a fleece lined leggings wholesale manufacturer, who has more than 20+ years experience in making leggings.

Work with us, you will obtain:
1) 5 quality inspections: Stable quality!
2) 3 progress reports in the 3 different production stages: Keep “Shipment date” under your control!
3) BSCI certificated factory: Cooperating with ECHT, Doyoueven, and so on.
4) Low MOQ and favorable price.
5) A 100% patient listener: Make your own design a reality!

Wholesale Fleece lined leggings with up to 30% cashmere in the ingredients! Greatly improved warmth and comfort.
Ordinary chemical fiber leggings worn a few times will be pilling.

And Wholesale FLEece lined Leggings accredited by “China Knitting Industry Association”, machine washed many times not easy to the pail.

Those Wholesale Fleece lined fabric is lined leggings from a clothing brand specializing in cashmere fabrics. They blended cashmere, mulberry silk, and tense to create a pair of cashmere leggings that are both comfortable and wear resistant. Through special technical treatment, anti static, anti pilling, can also be thrown into the washing machine cleaning.
(Cashmere and silk blended products should be cleaned with neutral lotion or cashmere lotion)

A quick tip: Don’t wear cashmere leggings under pants, especially tights or jeans, to prevent pilling or wear from strong friction.

Cashmere, a layer of very soft hair on the roots of the long hair on the goat, grows every year before winter to keep out the cold. A goat can only produce about 170g of cashmere a year, so precious that it is known as “soft gold”.

This Wholesale Fleece lined leggings with cashmere sourced from Tibetan Goat in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. You can select the top quality 7G cashmere from sheep.

Cashmere has the function of moisture absorption and heat storage, and the thermal effect is much better than ordinary fabrics. So these leggings, they’re much thinner than long Johns, but they’re warmer than long Johns.

What’s more, it also has the visible effect of shaping the body, wearing slimming. The elasticity is very good, girls from 100 kg to 170 kg can wear it.
Its biggest feature is to the waist, buttocks, crotch fabric overall strengthening so that leggings are more durable wear. The oversized crotch is designed to make the hips more comfortable. Crotch fabric, two layers of fabric into one, inside and outside the material composition is not the same.
The inner fabric is nylon and spandex, wear resistance; The outer fabric is cashmere, Tencel, and mulberry silk to increase the warmth. Good elasticity, menstrual wear is comfortable, without the compression of the buttocks and abdomen.

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Why consistent quality? Total 5 inspections in the process of knitting, dyeing, sewing, ironing, packaging.


Circular knitting machine sizes from Children’s size to oversize: Various measurements & all sizes!


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Cooperating with GymShark, Doyoueven, NewBalance, Hanes, etc.


Why timely delivery? Make your production schedule under control with our 3 production progress reports.


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Fitness Clothing Manufacturing Process

Wholesale fitness clothing manufacturer production process
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